Full Version: A new Arkham City Easter Egg? What year is it?
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3 years after the release of Batman Arkham City, a special interaction was found with calender man.

If you set the date to December 13th, 2004, Calender Man will have special dialogue.

Anyone know what we could tack on there to do with the date?
Seems you found that before me. My bad on trying to submit on top of it. December 2004 is when Rocksteady Studios was founded by Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker.
Sefton Hill directed Arkham Asylum, directed and co-wrote both Arkham City and Arkham Knight. These three are the first, second and fourth (and final so far) in the Batman: Arkham series.
You're not gonna believe this man. Someone beat us both to it in the submission process.
That's crazy. Oh, well. Off to look for more trivia.