Full Version: Link and Epona in Shrek 2
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In Shrek 2, during the scene where the king is walking from the balcony, there is a painting on the wall, that some have suggested is Link riding Epona.
Anyone with the movie able to get a picture?
Here's some low-res pics I found on the web
It's iffy to me but is certainly possible...
I severely doubt it.
I thought it was worth bringing it up. There are several suggestions and theories on the internet about it.
[Image: Kzzph44.png]

As clear an image as we're going to get !
From the BluRay :)
Wow. That looks nothing like Link. IMDB has really become a cesspool for false info, though.
That just looks like the king.
I took the Blu ray image from Seriously and did some editing modifications(brightening up what we couldn't see). Its just a painting of a possible young version of the king. So to be clear. Its NOT Link.
I didn't rely on idmb for the info, just a url. When I watched it in theaters, I really thought it was Link, with all their Easter eggs, references, etc. I don't think they had blu-ray in mind at the time, either.

Oh, well. I guess we can kill this thread.
IMDB can't be reliable all the time. I had to look elsewhere for this info. Not a whole lot came up in the search result. So yeah. Case closed on this thread then.