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Today I have a bunch of trivia on the Wormsongs, the songs telling the story of Worms spanning multiple titles throughout the series' history. All of the Wormsongs will be at the end of this post, from the oldest to the newest.

Wormsong '95 can only be heard if the original game disc is played as an audio CD in a CD player or the like. Despite essentially being the theme of the game, it cannot be heard during gameplay. However, the later versions (Reinforcements and United) added a Wormsong Instrumental Remix as the theme of the game, yet that version still lacked the lyrics.

Worms Wiki page

Worms Armageddon had two versions of the Wormsong included in the game. The main version, also known as Wormsong '99, can be heard in the main menu playing in the background. The second version can be heard when viewing the statistics screen after a battle and letting the bgm roll. This version has somewhat different lyrics spoken in a Scottish accent, similar to the Angry Scots soundbank available for the worms.

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While Wormsong 2003 usually only plays during the end credits of the game, you can still hear the beginning of the song in the title screen when using the official frontend music tweak. However, the demo starts rolling before the lyrics can be heard.

Worms Wiki page

The tweak on the official Worms 3D website

Wormsong 2011 is the only Wormsong that didn't originate from a Worms game. It was Team17s gift for their fans posted on their official YouTube channel. The song was later added to the PC version of Worms 2: Armageddon, known as Worms Reloaded.

The video linked at the very bottom of the post for Wormsong 2011 is the same one from Team17's official YT channel. Click here to go straight to the video page and check the description.

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The Wormsongs seem to have a chronological order to them, telling the backstory of the games, but they are in wrong order if arranged by their release year. Wormsong '95 is logically first, since it is the start of Boggy B's journey. Though the order of Wormsongs 2003 and 2011 is debatable it is commonly accepted that 2011 takes place before 2003. The final Wormsong would then be Wormsong '99 in which Boggy B (supposedly) dies.

More details on the songs' page on Worms Wiki

Wormsong '99 is the only full song without a chorus and the only song that doesn't end with "WE'VE WON THE WAR!" This could be because chronologically it seems to be the last Wormsong and the one in which Boggy B, the songs' protagonist, possibly dies.

The songs can be listened below and lyrics are found on the Worms Wiki pages linked in the trivias above.

Wormsong '95

Wormsong '99

Wormsong 2003

Wormsong 2011
What about worms 4?
There are only four Wormsongs in the series thus far.