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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
An extension for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time originally known as URA Zelda was originally going to be released by Nintendo before it was ultimately cancelled. It may have been cancelled because it was planned to be released for the N64 Disc Drive, which was released late in the console's lifecycle and undersold in most markets. What was known, however, was that it would have added new features to the game, such as Link's footsteps appearing in sand, having damaged trees, having bushes and grass damaged for the entire game, and changing up dungeons.

In 2012, a Youtuber named ZethN64 said he was going to try and recreate URA Zelda. He and his team wanted to make their own new dungeons, story, and soundtrack for the game. It was unfortunately cancelled, as there were conflicts within the team as well as ZethN64 disappearing.
Contributed by Arachnus
Skies of Arcadia
There was going to be a sequel to Skies of Arcadia called Skies of Arcadia 2 for the GameCube and PS2, as confirmed by interviews with developers from the original team. The game never got beyond the planning phase, however, and it was ultimately never created.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
Console: Dreamcast
In 2001, Sega teamed up with Pace to create a Dreamcast/cable box hybrid. The box was apparently meant to switch between live TV and downloaded games (including demos). It would also have had an internal 40GB HDD to store data.
Contributed by retrolinkx
Carrier was going to get a sequel for PlayStation 2 called Carrier: The Next Mutation. The game was cancelled for unknown reasons, though it is speculated it may have had something to do with Jaleco's financial troubles at the time.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
Series: Shantae
Shantae director Matt Bozon has revealed that there were plenty of prototypes of games for Shantae that never made it off of the drawing board. These include things such as a spline-scroller (like Namco's Klonoa), a open-world 3D game (similar to Super Mario 64), and a 3D platformer. He even hinted that they were going to be released for the PS2, PC, and Nintendo Gamecube. Matt Bozon states:

"We had a polygonal Shantae that could be run around in three distinct gameplay 'gyms'. One was a spline-scroller (like Namco's Klonoa), one was a free-range 3D like Mario 64, and the last was an isometric 3D platformer. We've done a lot of exploration in this area" Shantae was a sprite/3D hybrid for PlayStation and PC, and was free-roaming on the PlayStation 2. She even rode a river raft on the GameCube. It's possible that we'll see a polygonal Shantae down the line, but only if it serves the style of gameplay we want to create at the time."
Contributed by CLXcool
Series: Shantae
Before Risky's Revenge for DSi, Wayforward was developing a Shantae game for the Game Boy Advance called Shantae 2: Risky Revolution, also known as Shantae Advance. The game was about 50% completed before it was cancelled, and some of the game's graphics and ideas were reused for Risky's Revenge.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
Series: Sabreman
The fifth and final game in the Sabreman series, Mire Mare, was planned by the developers but never released. It was intended to be Ultimate Play the Game's "swan song" before Ultimate was sold out to U.S. Gold. Unfortunately, the sell was completed faster than expected and Mire Mare was never released.

Three of the Sabreman games reference Mire Mare as part of their plots. The second game, Underwurlde, actually contains three exits for the player to finish the game. Two of these exits inform the player to continue on to Knight Lore and Pentagram, the third and fourth games in the series, respectively. The last exit tells the player to continue to Mire Mare. Additionally, both Knight Lore and Pentagram leave messages upon completion telling the player to go to Mire Mare as well.
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
Diddy Kong Racing
In 2004, another attempt at a sequel for Diddy Kong racing was made, this time as more of a follow-up to the original called Diddy Kong Racing Adventure. The game would've been released on the GameCube, and would've been developed by the UK game studio Climax Studios.

The story of the game focuses on Wizpig seeking revenge on Diddy by teaming up with the Kremlings to turn Kongo Isle into a series of race tracks. Diddy gets his buddies to stop Wizpig and the Kremlings to take back Kongo Isle.

Climax presented the demo of Diddy Kong Racing Adventures to Nintendo, but they didn't give Climax approval to develop the game.
Contributed by CLXcool
The game previously went under the title Legends of Fire & Steel, however the name would later be changed to Legends of Callasia due to the original being considered by the developers as too long, generic and could easily be confused with the A Song of Fire and Ice series.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Silent Hill: Downpour
Silent Hill: Downpour was originally planned to have a PC port. This version was likely cut due to delays with the console release. Evidence of the PC version was present in the game's early preview build, with some button prompts showing keyboard controls.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
A follow-up to the game was in development but later cancelled in 2001 which went under the codename Hermes. The game was to be a frenetic multiplayer platformer for next-generation consoles and would've used the OpenGL-based engine. The game's lead programmer was Todd Daggert.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
There were initially plans for an Xbox version of the game to be release, which was cancelled at some point during development for unknown reasons.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
In 2006 a new Earthworm Jim game was announced. Going by the name of Earthworm Jim PSP, it would have been a complete 3D remake of the first game for the PSP. Despite 80% of the game being completed, the game was cancelled due to budgetary reasons with Shiny entertainment.
Contributed by CLXcool
A Banjo-Kazooie game was in development for the Game Boy Color, under the name 'Banjo-Kazooie: Grunt's Curse'. It would have featured Gruntilda putting a curse on Kazooie, and carrying her in a backpack, similar to Banjo.
It's unknown why the game was canceled, but some of the ideas would later be reworked into Gruntilda's Revenge for the Gameboy Advance.
Contributed by CLXcool
Series: Kid Icarus
At one point there was a planned Kid Icarus game for the Nintendo Wii. However. It featured an adult version of Pit, contained dark elements that were not in the original version of the game, and it was to be developed by game studio Factor 5.

Former Factor 5 staffer Joe Spataro gave some information in an interview.
"With Icarus, I feel like we were missing the point. Nintendo sent us the model of Kid Icarus, very much like the one that appears in Smash Bros., but we didn't use it. We made our own version. It was more mature, maybe even a little dark. It felt more like Devil May Cry. I knew Nintendo would never go for the adult version of Pit. In fact, I'd wager they took it as an insult that we didn't use their version."

Factor 5 later scrapped this version of the game and a new Kid Icraus game, Kid Icraus Uprising, was released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.
Contributed by CLXcool
Bubsy 3D
Originally a Sega Saturn port of the game was planned to be made, as seen in promotional material from Winter 1996. This version was most likely cancelled because of the poor reception and sales for the game.
Contributed by GamerBen144
The DS version of Modern Warfare began development as a remake of Geist for the GameCube titled Geist DS. Evidence of this can be found in the game's code.
Contributed by EpicNoah15
Series: Pac-Man
In 2004, Namco contacted Don Bluth (known for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace) to do designs for a new Pac-Man game, under the working title "Pac Man Adventures". Don did concept drawings for the game, but it was ultimately cancelled for unknown reasons. Some of the ideas for the game were later used in Pac Man world 3.
Contributed by CLXcool
Mortal Kombat X
Originally Mortal Kombat X was planned to have XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions, produced by High Voltage Software, but those versions were eventually cancelled and full refunds were offered for pre-orders.
Originally this game was planned to have a Nintendo 64 release, similar to Glover, however this version was cancelled for unknown reasons and all that remains is a largely unfinished prototype version.
Contributed by GamerBen145
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