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Space Channel 5: Part 2
Several additional characters were planned to appear in the game, but were scrapped in order to keep the game's plot easier to understand. This includes the presence of a "Space Broadcasting Censorship Bureau", who would interrupt broadcasts that were deemed unsuitable (and whom Pine was originally going to be a member of alongside her backups Sexy 1 and 2, taking issue with Ulala's exposing outfit), a narcissistic reporter from Channel 777 named "Gold Kinpicano", and a different main antagonist tentatively referred to as the "Dark Dancing Demon Lord", whose goal was to invade the entire universe with dance.
Tornado Outbreak
Attachment Before the Earth was implemented as a level selection screen, levels in Tornado Outbreak were originally displayed on a 2D world map and rendered entirely with Adobe Flash.
Terrifying 9/11
Attachment There is an unused title screen in the Metal Slug bootleg game Terrifying 9/11 that suggests it was originally going to be released as a straightforward bootleg version of Metal Slug instead of a bad-taste cash-in on the September 11th attacks.
Hotel Mario
Attachment In the prototype of Hotel Mario, walking Toads are used as Super Mushrooms and 1-Up collectables. The final game changes these Toad sprites to bouncing mushrooms, but the manual still refers to them as Toads.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month June 19, 2024
Dino Crisis 2
Capcom offered a demo CD based upon a beta build of the game as a pre-release promo. The entire build was on the disk, with a "time trial" style of gameplay lasting 45 minutes before exiting the game. A code was eventually worked out, utilizing a GameShark cheat device in order to disable the time trial demo's timer, enabling complete access to this earlier version. A list of notable differences compared to the retail release have been noted as a result, and Capcom would never release a time trial demo disc again.
Yume Nikki
Attachment The unpatched release of Version 0.10 contains unused data for an event on Mars called "階段←↓". Re-enabling this event opens an alternate, invisible entrance to the Martian underground, to the left of the hole that leads to it in the final game; however, the map's collision data prevents Madotsuki from actually using it without the aid of further cheats.

Furthermore, the game contains unused graphics for a stairway that matches the visuals of the Martian surface, and the Martian underground features several flights of stairs at the beginning. This indicates that the underground was originally meant to be accessed via the unused stairway rather than needing Madotsuki to activate the Midget effect, with the summit's layout being changed concurrently with the altered entrance. The Yumesyuusei Patch and all releases based on it (including the official English release) remove the data for 階段←↓, though the unused stair tiles are unaffected.

Additionally, the game's code contains tiles for doors on the walls of the Martian underground, indicating that the sub-area was originally planned to feature multiple rooms rather than just one. This, combined with the unused alternate entrance, implies that Kikiyama had to leave Mars incomplete for unknown reasons, polishing up what was already completed late into Version 0.10's development.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 8, 2024
Yume Nikki
Within all available builds of the game are sprites for three possible effects that were never implemented. One set of sprites depicts Madotsuki blindfolded, another depicts a grayscale version of her similar to the "ghost" found in Mini Hell, and a third depicts 8-bit versions of the "crick in the neck," which in the final game is instead an event where Madotsuki randomly wakes up with her head stuck facing leftward. Of note is that Versions 0.07 to 0.09 additionally feature sprites for blindfolded and grayscale Madotsuki pinching herself awake; Version 0.10 overwrites them with the "active" sprites for the Spirit Headband effect.

Additionally, the game's data contains an unused mugshot depicting what appears to be an early iteration of the Spirit Headband effect, in which Madotsuki turns into a hitodama (a disembodied soul which appears as a floating ball of fire, comparable to a will-o'-the-wisp in many Western cultures) rather than becoming invisible. A full set of sprites for this version is also present in Version 0.04's data, showing that rather than turning invisible, pressing the 1 key would've simply changed the fire's color.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 7, 2024
Yume Nikki
Attachment The game contains data for a second party member, despite the fact that Madotsuki is alone in standard gameplay. Using RPG Maker 2003's debugging tools to add this figure to Madotsuki's party shows that it does not have any sprites or even a name. However, various changes occur to the game's world, indicating that Kikiyama most likely used this for testing purposes:

• Almost all Toriningen are despawned; the only exceptions are the one in the Mall who changes the menu's palette when spoken to and the group throwing a party in the wilderness.
• The top-left cupboard in both versions of the Guillotine Room disappears. However, it can still be interacted with: pressing Z or Enter when standing where it normally would be transports Madotsuki to a random cupboard in the Number World, as if she had used one of the randomly generated exit cupboards. Returning to the Guillotine Room restores the top-left cupboard to its normal position.
• Movement is disabled upon waking up.
• The Witch's Flight event can be accessed by walking off the top-right corner of the Mall's rooftop, regardless of whether or not Madotsuki has the Witch effect equipped and active.
• An unused parallax background (named ネオン背景.xyz in the game's files) is enabled in Neon World, which normally has a solid black backdrop in Version 0.10 and all available early builds. This background, which depicts a series of ripples distorting a group of red, blue, and green lights, does not scroll correctly, only showing the top-left corner of it. Notably, this is the only unused background in the final game.

The notion that this invisible party member was used as a debugging tool is further bolstered by the presence of three similar extra party members (which also have no graphics or names) in Version 0.06. In that earlier build, Madotsuki is internally listed as the fourth party member; enabling the first one adds NASU to the game's debug map, though both that version and the one in Madotsuki's room will not progress past the title screen.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 5, 2024
Yume Nikki
Attachment In all recovered early builds of the game, the Fatten effect was provided by a funhouse mirror hidden in the large red maze (colloquially known as Hell). In Version 0.10, the mirror is removed and the effect is instead obtained by interacting with a tall, flashing humanoid (colloquially known as Strober) in the Docks B, and the portion of Hell where the mirror was once located is now empty. Incidentally, the Docks B is only accessible through Hell, preserving the association between the latter area and the effect.

Despite the mirror being removed from the normal course of play in the final build, it is still present in a debug room hidden in the game's code, functioning as it did in earlier versions. However, in the official English release, the text that appears when interacting with it, "★ふとる★", is corrupted due to it not being translated.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 4, 2024
Yume Nikki
Attachment Within the files for the Version 0.04 build are cached thumbnails depicting screenshots from a cut soccer minigame called Severed Head PK, which, per its name, would've used severed heads as balls. Despite their small size, the thumbnails are legible enough to understand what they depict: one shows a title screen, one shows a player select screen, and one shows actual gameplay. Additionally, all three images feature a much cruder art style than either the main game or NASU, the minigame ultimately added in Version 0.05. Of note is that like Severed Head PK, NASU takes place in a green field beneath a black sky and prominently features bright red assets (hills, text, and the title logo in Severed Head PK; the player character, clouds, and a strobe effect in NASU).

Given that NASU is preceded by a game selection menu with only two options present – "NASU" and "Quit Game" (the latter of which simply closes the menu) – it is unknown if Kikiyama intended to reincorporate Severed Head PK as an additional option.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 4, 2024
Super Mario Maker
In the release build of Super Mario Maker, there were text strings relating to 13 unused Mystery Mushroom costumes:
• BabyMario
• BalloonFight
• EGadd
• GoldenRetri (presumably short for "golden retriever")
• MarioUs (presumably Mario's appearance from what is known in Japan as Super Mario Bros. USA)
• Mashiko (Japanese name of Mary O.)
• MrSaturn (from EarthBound)
• Muncher
• Nabbit
• Popo

Baby Mario, Balloon Fighter, E. Gadd, Mary O., Mr. Saturn, and Nabbit would eventually be added in updates, as would an Ice Climbers costume featuring Popo alongside his friend Nana, while a power-up that turns Mario into his Super Mario Bros. 2 self would be introduced in an update to Super Mario Maker 2.

The most notable names are "Tetris" and "WindowsLogo", two non-Nintendo franchises that otherwise go unrepresented in Super Mario Maker. Tetris was formerly published on handheld and home consoles by Nintendo between the 1980s-1990s, and has been featured through music and Spirits in the Super Smash Bros. series, which is used as the basis for Super Mario Maker's base-game third party costume selection. WindowsLogo seems to be some kind of remnant of a Microsoft Windows operating environment being used to develop the game, as Nintendo has never been involved with the Windows line of software.
Crash Tag Team Racing
subdirectory_arrow_right Crash Boom Bang! (Game), Crash Bandicoot (Franchise)
Attachment The box arts of Japanese Crash Bandicoot localizations have historically used a redesign for Crash with larger eyes. This has been done for all games except for the "Titans" sub-series, which had its own distinct Crash design, and the Toys for Bob-developed games.

However, the only games that feature the design in-game for the Japanese localizations are the Japanese-developed Crash Boom Bang!, and Crash Tag Team Racing, which had a skin system that allowed Japanese Crash to appear abroad as well. A good chunk of Crash's costumes in Crash Tag Team Racing also got Japanese versions, though these combination costumes were not included in the Western release.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month May 24, 2024
Attachment In the September 14, 2023 edition of the Undertale/Deltarune newsletter, Toby Fox revealed that a stealth sequence was planned for Chapter 3, only to be cut partway through development due to his dissatisfaction with it, stating that "a mechanic which basically just makes you move slower isn't necessarily fun." To compensate for the segment's removal, Fox included an MP3 file of the music that was composed for it, as the song would not be featured in the final game.
Star Fox 2
Attachment When assets from Star Fox 2 were leaked in the 2020 Nintendo Gigaleak, one character that caught people's attention was what appeared to be a human woman. Some fans and news outlets assumed the character to be black based on her frilly hair and large lips, but palettes were eventually discovered that revealed her to be fair-skinned. The human woman's sprites have the same filename as Miyu and Fay's in the final game, and her two sprites' facial structures resemble Miyu and Fay's prototype sprites (the latter being a sheep instead of a poodle), suggesting she was simply a placeholder meant to give a human reference for Miyu and Fay's anthropomorphic expressions.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month May 14, 2024
WWF In Your House
Behind-the-scenes pictures from the game's development show that former wrestler Jeff Jarrett did green screen capture work for appearing in the game as a playable character. However, due to his departure from the WWF (now known as the WWE) in 1995 regarding a contractual dispute before the game's release, he was subsequently removed from the roster.
person Tuli0hWut calendar_month May 7, 2024
Yume Nikki
Attachment The Dragon Quest-esque overworld area, colloquially known as FC World, features a large island on the right-hand side of the map that is not accessible during the normal course of play despite taking up the majority of FC World's land mass. No events or exits are associated with this island, popularly known as FC World C, meaning that hacking the game to place Madotsuki there would prove fruitless.

Despite this, there is evidence that this area was meant to be explorable at one point in development. In the Version 0.09 build (the last one before the "final" Version 0.10 release in 2007), the Dense Woods and Windmill World areas feature the player character from the minigame NASU as an NPC; however, a flag is set to render it invisible (and therefore non-interactable). If the player uses RPG Maker 2003's debugging tools to render the character visible, interacting with it teleports Madotsuki to another unused area in FC World, a small island with four statues on it and an exit at the bottom. Going through this exit takes Madotsuki to FC World C.

While FC World C is still as barren as in other versions of the game, the unused chain of events leading up to it in Version 0.09 indicates that the area was intended to play some kind of role in the final game and that Kikiyama continued to try implementing it late into the game's update history.
person VinchVolt calendar_month May 6, 2024
Dance Dance Revolution II
subdirectory_arrow_right Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 5 (Game)
Dance Dance Revolution II is the only DDR game released on the Wii to feature a 1-20 difficulty scale (introduced in Dance Dance Revolution X), Doubles Charts, and Challenge Charts. However, due to the game lacking Shock Arrows, any Challenge Charts containing them are omitted.
Code Vein
Attachment In a pre-release gameplay video from 2018, at the end of a tour of the Home Base, a lit sign featuring the logo for the pizza restaurant chain Domino's can be seen hanging on a wall near the refrigerator. This sign would be removed in the final game, but within the game's files are several voice lines spoken by the game's main cast (Coco, Davis, Eva, Io, Jack, Louis, Mia, Rin and Yakumo) talking about eating freshly delivered pizza in an unusually glorifying manner without mentioning the company by name. It's unclear how these voice clips would have been used in the game, but when taken with the unused Domino's sign, it's believed that this was all part of a planned promotional tie-in that fell through when the game was delayed to 2019, where Domino's would have somehow survived the apocalypse in the game's story and adapted to the Revenants and the Lost.
person MehDeletingLater calendar_month April 29, 2024
Code Vein - Domino's voice lines:

Code Vein - Home Base early gameplay:

The Cutting Room Floor article:
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix
Attachment In the "3rd Mix PLUS!" variant of this game, there is unused data for the song "TOTAL RECALL" by ULTIMATE HEIGHTS. This includes unused graphics, step charts and lyrics for the song.
Mr Bean
In PAL releases of the PlayStation 2 version, the player is normally only able to access the tutorial in English, French, Italian, Castilian, and Dutch. Despite this, versions in the other supported languages (German, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, and Portuguese) are present in the game's data and can be accessed either through hacking the game or selecting a supported language and switching to an unsupported one with debug features just before the screen fades to black. It is unknown why these six variants of the tutorial were made inaccessible in the final game, given that they are fully translated.
person VinchVolt calendar_month April 14, 2024
The Cutting Room Floor:

YouTube video showcasing the tutorial in all 11 languages, including the 6 unused ones:
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