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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Unused dialogue for "Of Their Own Accord" suggested that if the player neglected to, or otherwise failed to defend the Washington Monument evac site, it would eventually be overrun and destroyed by the Russian army resulting in the deaths of all military personnel and civilians on-site, and thus mission failure.

The dialogue itself features the previous operator being replaced with a far more desperate one warning the player of the site's worsening combat effeciency. This would eventually result in the untrained civilians taking up arms against the Russian invaders before being completely overrun. In the original final game, effectiveness never goes below 80% and the danger is more to the player themselves.

The 2020 campaign remaster implements some degree of dialogue, including combat effectiveness dropping to 50% if the player is on harder difficulty levels, though never lower than that.
Contributed by MightyKombat
Dead or Alive 5
There are several unused intro, victory, and defeated animations within the game files.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
There are unused voice files within the game, suggesting that the game was originally going to feature a tag battle mode. This game mode did not make it into the final game.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
An early title screen in the game data suggests the game's original title was "Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Universe". For unknown reasons, the "Universe" part was dropped.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
The game contains a lot of debug text, starting at offset 0xC6370 and mixing with the rest of the game's text. Of note, two dates appear in the debug text that may be the dates the game finished development in North America and Europe:

North America: Jun 6 1997.21:45:51
Europe: Nov 17 1997.20:23:27

The rest of this submission contains a few examples of the debug text scattered throughout the ROM. Most of it is routine stuff, but there are some interesting gems in there. The developers were certainly not in a good mood or this was "kinda" a joke from them. Note that "tell dave" likely refers to David Pridie, one of the programmers:



*** WARNING! generatelevel.c -> PlacePiece is going to plot z+1!

*** ERROR! generatelevel.c -> PlacePiece did not function to avoid breaking a piece!

Killing the player for destroying an evil crystal

ERROR! generatelevel.c -> CopyLevelPuzzle. Unkwnown Dest!

Setting Quest Background to: %d

*** ERROR!! drop.c -> PlacePieceGame was called with a non valid Piece!!!

Dragging a used Piece!!

Sending some foul blocks!

Inializing heart skull animation thing


ERROR!!!!!1 DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*********** WRONG LEVEL INIT TYPE!!!!!!!! ***********

If you see this let ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** ERROR!! drop.c -> PlacePieceGame was called with a non valid Piece!!!



evil piece: (%d) tell bailey

ERROR!! I Should NEVER Get Here in drop.c!!

I am a MEAN AI! Make XCount 21!!

I Have Sent enough black: %d, lets win!


HMM, he is getting close to winning, lets send

Fuqing negative number!!!!



What the FUCK


tell dave

***********************FREAQING DORQ.. LOAD GUI SFX FIRST

***********************FUQIN DORQ.. LOAD GUI SFX FIRST


Don't use HuffMan!

My God, That Musta Hurt! Memory available: %d"
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Mega Man X6
Boss levels in Mega Man X6 are tied to the number of Nightmare Souls the player has obtained, up to a max of Level 4 at 5,000 Nightmare Souls. If Nightmare Zero is beaten at Level 4, Zero's black armor from previous games is unlocked. This armor is only normally unlockable with a cheat code entered at the title screen (L/L/L/ZR). Due to an oversight, the final stage unlocks automatically when the player obtains only 3,000 Nightmare Souls, meaning that Nightmare Zero is impossible to fight at Level 4 without a GameShark code (300CCF5F 0003 for the US version of the game) since he becomes unavailable when the final stage is unlocked.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
The Punisher
Both playable characters have a flying fire kick move that can only be done in the Japanese version. It is unknown why this attack was removed from the international version of the game.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Apocalypse has an unused attack where one of his hands turns into a energy weapon of sorts and creates an energy ball. The attack deals no damage, suggesting that it was unfinished.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
The Japanese version features pre-battle dialogue between Apocalypse and every single playable character. These intro dialogues were not translated and instead they were removed from the international versions of the game.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
According to former Senior Vice-President of Capcom USA Christian Svensson, the reason why Cyclops, a mainstain of the series, is not in this game is because the team felt they already had too many X-Men characters and didn't want to add another one.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Gene from God Hand and Mega Man were in the final pool for possible playable characters, but neither of them made the final cut, because the team wanted to put other characters from the same category instead.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Present in the game's PC port is an unused electronic remix of the "Radiator Springs Theme" used on the pause menu and main menu from the game Cars. In the final release of that game, only the regular theme is used.
Contributed by billebobfacts
Twisted Metal: Black
An alternate version of a Story Mode map, named, "Mini Junkyard" goes unused, but can be reinstated into One Player Challenge Mode with a GameShark/Code Breaker cheat device.
Contributed by Regen-33
Twisted Metal: Black
An unused mock-up of an early character select screen can be found in the game files.
Contributed by Regen-33
Twisted Metal: Black
The final boss, the helicopter Warhawk, has an unused character select portrait in the game files, clearly indicating that it was a considered addition during development. The nature of the vehicular game design was likely too incompatible with a flight-based character.

Interestingly, as with all characters in the game, the vehicle name is separate from the driver of said vehicle. While the helicopter is only known as Warhawk, the pilot is referred to as Black Razer, while in the final game, nothing is known about the identity of Warhawk's pilot.
Contributed by Regen-33
Twisted Metal: Black
An unusual dummy file can be found in the game files, in the form of a humorous text file which states:

"Move along, nothing to see here...."
Contributed by Regen-33
The Punisher
According to former Capcom artist Katsuya Akitomo, the game's final boss Kingpin was originally so big he filled half the screen. This was shot down by Capcom who said that "he's a regular human, he can't be that big", and so he was made smaller.

When the game's general planner and visual designer Akira "Akiman" Nishitani told Katsuya Akitomo about this, he pointed out that there have been times where the Kingpin has been drawn as an incredibly large figure in the comics, citing examples such as 1986's Daredevil: Love & War. This bummed Akira Nishitani out.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
In "The Delicious Last Course" DLC, there is a puzzle on the map for Isle IV involving a trio of contest winners towards the back of the Isle and a set of 9 gravestones towards the front of the Isle. Completing this puzzle will unlock Spoiler:a secret boss fight that takes place in a dream world held up by the skeletal remains of the Devil (seen in claymation), where you fight angel and demon variants of the Devil on both sides of the stage. However, they each switch places back-and-forth every time you turn left or right, presumably due to Cuphead's interactions with the Devil in the main game preventing him from seeing an Angel. This boss fight was originally designed as a second phase for the Devil's fight in the main game, but ultimately went unused until the release of The Delicious Last Course. A primitive version of the phase can be found in the game’s data. This boss cannot be refought after beating it. Beating it will unlock the Cursed Relic as a charm as well as the achievement "A Horrible Night to Have a Curse", a reference to the text box seen during the day-to-night transition from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
Early versions of the intro to the Spyglass Hills stage can be found in the PlayStation version’s data.
Contributed by GamerBen144
WipEout 3
A prototype version of this game contained an item, called "Flametrail", which is not present in the final release of the game. It is theorised this item would use the jet engines of the ship as a means of damaging other ships.
Contributed by psyducklover13
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