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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
In the game there's a temple that can only be found by using a Position Editor. The only texture of this temple is one of a nude woman.
Contributed by MANTRIVIA
Kingdom Hearts III
On the game's box-art, the clock on the tower to the left of the characters actually has thirteen roman numerals instead of twelve, and they are out of order. In addition to that, the two hands on the clock are pointing to 13 and the 7, representing the 7 lights and 13 darknesses that play a major role in this game's story. The clock tower itself bears a striking resemblance to the NTT Docomo building in Shinjuku, Japan.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Shovel Knight
While pausing the game during a meeting with the titular characters of Battletoads in the Xbox One version of the game, the pause menu theme from Battletoads will play.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
If the player completes the whole trilogy in 100%, they'll be able to see "Fake Crash" in some of the levels. This includes:

"Crash Bandicoot"
N. Sanity Beach: At the left side of the stone stairs.
Heavy Machinery: In one of the pipes near a platform that takes Crash down to a different path.

"Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back"
The Pits: At the left side of the path, near the first big mushroom, right after the split path ends.
Crash Crush: On the left side of the path while Crash is getting chased by a boulder.
Hang Eight: At the end of the Blue Gem route, on an un-reachable platform with two Venus Fly Trap enemies.
Ruination: At the right side of the first platforms moving in circle.
Cold Hard Crash: In the first ice mirror in the death route.
Rock It: At the right side of space, in the first glass room.
Totally Fly: Between a tree and a tiki statue on the left.

"Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped"
Toad Village: On the lawn, enclosed in a fence, of the 3rd house on the right. There is a pond in front of the house where Crash can walk on.
Makin' Waves: On a small island with grass, and a palm tree, at the end of the level, on the right.
Hog Ride: Seen dancing on the left side of the road. He is in between the gas station and the Cortex sign, near the two ramps right next to each other.
Area 51?: Left side of the road near a tall cactus, on a left turn.
Future Tense: Near the end of the death route, on a building to the right.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Pokemon Sword & Shield
In the Eastern side of the Hammerlock Pavilion there is a little girl who asks the player to deliver a message to her friend in Ballonlea. However, when the player delivers it to said friend, they find that he is actually a middle-aged man. Adding to the eeriness of the scene, the man claims that the girl who sent the letter was a friend of his who he hasn't seen since childhood. If the player returns to where the child was, she won't be there, and if the player searches the exact area she was on, they will instead find a hidden Reaper Cloth (An item important to Ghost-type Pokémon), implying she may have been a ghost. Furthermore, if the player goes back to the man's house, a child will be standing facing the wall and state that she is having a conversation with someone. This seem to be part of a string of similar "Ghost Girl" Easter eggs seen in recent main-line Pokemon games,
Contributed by PirateGoofy
The ROM for the game contains hidden credits. At the end of the credits is a very brief, but firm message about people who plan to pirate the game: Pirates leave no footprints.
Contributed by GamerBen144
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
The game has a hard to find lewd Easter egg. At the title screen, holding A + C on Controller 1 and Left + B on Controller 2 will enable some debugging features. The player must then go to Pirate World Act 2 and hold C to move Woody around freely with the D-Pad. From here, the player has to grab the power-up in the upper left corner of the level at coordinates 004 by 005, then move to the far right edge of the stage and pick up a power-up buried in the rock to the right of the level exit at 446 by 054. The player must then pick up the health at 026 by 007, followed by the extra life at 433 by 014, then get the mermaid sketch near the level’s entrance at 033 by 005. If the player has done all this correctly, they can then press START to open the sketchbook, select the mermaid and press C to draw it. The busty mermaid will then pop out, showing her bare breasts to the player.
Contributed by GamerBen144
Super Metroid
According to a Game Shokunin Vol. 1 interview, with game's enemy programmer Yasuhiko Fujii, before the boss fight against Draygon, the player will encounter a group of Evir enemies that do a little “dance”. Their movements actually spell out the words “Keiko Love” in English. This idea came from a girlfriend he dated, name Keiko. Fuiji was busy with work, and couldn't make time for Keiko, so when everyone in the office was asleep at night, he snuck this Easter egg into the game. There were never little Evir dance written in the game's planning documents, so he remembered his heart racing fast as he coded it. However, the team's staff had no knowledge about it and never discovered Yasuhiko's code in the game.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
A bizarre image of a turkey leg inside the EA Sports ring can be found in the original Playstation version's data. This also appears in the Madden 2002 to 2005 games.
Contributed by GamerBen144
Within the second level of the Clock Tower stage, there's a hidden exit which in the Japanese version when entered will feature a cameo by a Japanese personality accompanied with a secret message from them. If encountered on either easy or normal difficulty, idol Hiroko Nakayama will appear with a different message on each difficulty. When encountered on hard mode, Weekly Famitsu chief editor Hirokazu Hamamura will appear. Both personalities were hosts of the video game TV show Game Catalogue II which also mentioned the secret in the July 8, 1995 episode with behind the scenes footage shown in the July 22, 1995 episode.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Touching Ultra Greed while carrying Midas Touch will greatly reduce his armor and will make him take extra damage on top of the usual effects, in reference to the fictional story of king Midas.
Contributed by Nancok
Resident Evil (2002)
In the Arklay Laboratory, the 'MO disk reader' is actually the GameCube console, as at the time the game was exclusive to the GameCube. However, for the HD Remastered version, the 'MO disk reader' was altered on all platforms to avoid using a console related to Nintendo, even on Nintendo Switch.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Pokemon Sword & Shield
The Galarian Yamask has one of the most elaborate evolutionary methods in the entire series. In order to evolve it, the player must allow Yamask to lose 49 or more points of HP and then, with the damaged Yamask, the player must go under the large stone arch in the Dusty Bowl area. Immediately upon doing the latter, Yamask will evolve into it's Galar-exclusive Evolution, Runerigus.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Within the files of the original release version of the app, an animated GIF of Vocaloid Meiko accidentally hitting Vocaloid Rin while dancing could be found. The GIF was later removed in version 1.0.3. of the app.
Contributed by GamerBen144
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
If one hacks the camera in the recreated Great Bay stage from Melee and points it to the far left, it's possible to see geographically accurate landmarks originally seen in the world of Termina from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that aren't seen during normal gameplay.

This includes a series of ledges leading to an alcove with a Heart Container inside of it, Fisherman's Island, and the large gated entrance to the Pirate's Fortress, complete with a new design featuring two crossed swords.

These do not appear at all in Melee.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
On Sarah's subway stage, it's possible to get hit by the moving train in the background. In order to do this the player must quickly turn around at the start of the match and run towards the train. If done correctly, the train will hit them and their health will be reduced to a single point.
Contributed by ShyanVixen
Mortal Kombat X
Predator's Brutality winpose has him cloaking and walking off into the background. When performed on the narrow bridge-like Kove, Krossroads or the Pit X stages, however, when Predator walks into the background, his spaceship can be seen briefly decloaking and flying into the sky. This is because the Predator would otherwise be walking and logically falling off of the stages.
Contributed by MightyKombat
In the Genesis version, by holding down A, B & C when crossing the finish line while in the Top 3 of the second race in arcade mode, the racer will be be holding up his severed head instead of a trophy.
Contributed by KidDivinegon
Pokemon Sword & Shield
There is a very rare chance that a Pokémon in the wild will come to the player's Pokémon camp while they are playing in it and ask to join the player's team. If the player selects the "Yes" option then not only will the Pokémon be able to join the camp but the Player will have also "caught" the Pokémon without battling it (it will go into one of the Player's Poke balls).
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Taking the camera inside of Dungeon Man on the Magicant stage will allow you to see Brickroad, who was the operator of the man-dungeon hybrid in Earthbound.
Contributed by Boyobmas
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