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Whenever Madotsuki turns on her TV in the dream world version of her room from Version 0.06 onward, there is a 1/8 chance that the view will cut to a full-screen event in which two rows of Paracas-esque figures scroll across the screen. "KALIMBA", the theme song for this event, was originally uploaded on Kikiyama's profile on January 13, 2004, almost five months before Yume Nikki first released. This version of the song is substantially longer than the one that would ultimately be included in the event, clocking in at eight minutes instead of several seconds. Additionally, the cover art for the full-length version features the same rows of figures depicted in the event, albeit with a slightly duller color scheme.

Due to a lack of public statements from Kikiyama, it is unknown if the song was composed with Yume Nikki in mind from the outset or if the KALIMBA event was included as an Easter egg referencing their non-game work.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 9, 2024

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