Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
The 2001 Norwegian version of the game not only colorized the item cursors , but also made the movement animations skippable, which didn't happen in any other region until the 2007 rerelease.
Contributed by thejeriahoross
In the junkyard area, after you give the dog fish a bone, you are allowed to go inside a purple car to retrieve a speedometer. The car may be a gruesome nod to Putt-Putt. Other than having a roof, the run down car shares many similarities with Putt-Putt, such as similar designs, color, and even a similar looking dashboard that's inside. The Putt-Putt series was also made by Humongous Entertainment.
Contributed by Smirkytrick
If you add the line "EddieEatsLuther=1" to the hegames.ini file and click on Luther after meeting Eddie the Eel, a hidden cutscene will play where Freddi will feed Luther to Eddie. Freddi will then turn to the camera, wink and stick her tongue out, before cutting back to Luther right next to Freddi who asks "Whatcha thinking about, Freddi?" who replies "Oh, nothing, Luther.". It's believed this cutscene was never meant to be seen in normal gameplay and was simply a way for graphic designer Tom Verre to let off some steam.

If you are using the game outside of the original ScummVM engine, you can find the area to activate this cutscene within the "HEINI" file on your system. In the box labeled "Key", type "EddieEatsLuther" (one word, case sensitive, no quote marks) and under the box labeled "Value" enter 1.

In the "HEINI" file, you can also enter "BretIsTheOverlord" (presumably referring to programmer Bret Barret) in the "Key" box and like before enter 1 in the value box to see this cutscene multiple times, or else EddieEatsLuther will be unable to be activated after the first time you see it, even if you restart the game.
Contributed by xianc78