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The earliest builds of the game only contained 20 effects, missing the Witch, Oni, Squish-Squish, and Traffic Light. These four were not added until Version 0.05, as evidenced by the changelog provided in both the game's README file and Kikiyama's official website.

Of particular note is the Squish-Squish effect, which is provided by interacting with an amorphous, blue-gray figure with a single, large eye. In Version 0.06 (the earliest available build to feature all 24 effects), the figure was present in a shack in the Barracks Settlement that Madotsuki could not enter in previous versions. In Version 0.08, the figure is moved to FC World B; however, a copy of it is still present in its original location in the Barracks Settlement, where it is being fed on by the newly added Seahorse. In Version 0.09, the Seahorse's design is updated to change its skin from purple to orange and add four hornlike structures to the top of its head. Version 0.10 removes the version of the figure that the Seahorse fed on.

This sequence of events gives the impression that the Seahorse's development was a direct result of feeding on the figure, thus providing the only known instance of the game's updates appearing to convey a narrative within the Dream World.
person VinchVolt calendar_month June 6, 2024

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