A number of Indie-game references/parodies appear throughout the game. These include:

• A few posters show an ad for "Angry Rooster Awesome Sauce" which could possibly be a reference to Angry Birds, by ##Rovio Entertainment##.
• A "Casa Crashers" poster referencing Castle Crashers, by ##The Behemoth##.
• References to FEZ, by ##Polytron Corporation##, shows up more than once; One is an Owl statue from the game found in the World of the Dead, the other is a secret message inscribed in a wall using FEZ's secret alphabet. It spells out "Be sure to drink your ovaltine", which is a message also found in FEZ.
• A "Simulador de Cabra" poster references Goat Simulator, by ##Coffee Stain Studios##.
• A Portrait of Icarus Proudbottom, from Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing by ##Holy Wow Studios##, can be found.
• The Red-robed Wanderer from Journey, by ##Thatgamecompany##, can be found on a mountain slope.
Minecraft, by ##Mojang##, pops up twice in the same area: World of the Living has a shop called "Mine Forever" with the iconic pixelated pick-axe. World of the Dead changes the shop for a Resturant & Bar called "The Nether Portal."
• A poster featured a "Super Lucha Force" references Super T.I.M.E. Force, by ##Capybara Games##.
• A spanish translated poster of "Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack" is actually a previous game created by the company who created Guacamelee, ##DrinkBox Studios##.
• A "Lucha Libre" poster references They Bleed Pixels, by ##Spooky Squid Games Inc##.
• A painting of six characters from the game VVVVVV, by ##Terry Cavanagh##, can be found in the World of the Dead.
A good number of well-known video game characters make appearances, usually by parody or via easter eggs, in the game:

• There are a few Super Mario Bros references. One is a Wrestling event poster with the two brothers as a tag-team, another is an 8-bit Mario from Super Mario Bros for the NES patterned on a wall, and a sequence that ends with dropping a boss into a pit of lava by cutting the bridge off with an axe at the end, ala Super Mario Bros for the NES. The following scene has one of the antagonists telling the main character their "princess is in another castle." Two other more hidden references is the Goby Fish enemy hung up near the fishing town and a portrait of Booster from Super Mario RPG for the SNES.
Donkey Kong appears with his trademark Barrel as a sort of stone pillar
• A statue of the Pokemon Squirtle can be found, standing on top of a stone Pokeball.
• A Luchador-version of Link can be found as a stained glass mural inside a church, as well as a number of posters found across the game. Another reference is an NPC's brother occasionally getting lost, apparently once getting lost in "some country where a kid in a green tunic was trying to stop some pig monster from being resurrected." The NPC's brother can be found, who is named ERROR, in reference to the NPC from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link sharing the same unusual name.
• Mega Man appearas as an 8-bit version of himself patterned on a wall and there is also an advertisement poster for his trademark E-Tank.
• There are a number of statues closely resembling Metroids, as well as "Chozoo" Statues which hold the players new abilities, ala the Chozo Statues from the Metroid series.
• There is a store called Viva Piñatas!, in reference to Rare's 2006 game Viva Piñata.
• A statue of a Cactuar from the Final Fantasy series can be found in the desert.
• A couple of Castlevania references can be found, one of which is a poster of a match between a parodied version of Simon Belmont and Dracula, the other is an etching of a more 8-bit version of Simon Belmont fighting a Skeleton with his whip.
• A Space Invader shaped by moss can be occasionally found in one of the temples.
• A wall etching of Q*bert can be found in a hidden area.
• Outside of the first town, a poster says "El Destructo Vs. La Bomba" can be seen, a reference to gaming websites Destructoid and Giant Bomb, respectively.
• In the desert, there is a poster for Bust-it Bill, a reference to Wreck-It Ralph.
Attachment There's a poster advertising a battle between "Business Cat" and "Bachelor Frog", two popular internet memes.
Attachment A Poster of a "One Night Only!" wrestling match can be found in the game. The wrestlers on the poster resemble Batman & Bane from the Batman comic series
Attachment In some towns there are posters of Strong Bad from the Homestar Runner web-series. The spanish text below his picture even translates to "Strong Bad".

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