Petpet Park
Petpet Park
October 1, 2008
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Attachment To promote the release of Petpet Park, Neopets began a new mini plot in September 2008 to help set up the game's events. Users were made agents of the Petpet Protection League and tasked with helping the Petpets cross over from their original home of Petaria into the titular Petpet Park. Over the next several weeks, users solved various puzzles and helped the six primary Petpet species reach Petpet Park, learning info about the individual species in the process (i.e. temperment, favorite foods, and special skills) as well as Petpet Park's storyline. On October 27, the Mission Headquarters was updated, and users who successfully helped the Petpets recieved rewrds such as Neopoints, a site theme, and a Petpet Park-themed wearable.
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