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God of War Ragnarök
A side quest called "The Ballad of Jari and Somr" was made as a tribute to two devs that met and fell in love while working at Santa Monica Studios, Jake Snipes and Sam Handrick. This quest involves going to The Eternal Campfire to unlock it and then searching for ingredients to prepare a meal, an homage to the couples love of making meals together. The unfortunate catalyst for this addition to the game was the death of Jake Snipes in 2020.
Contributed by Wolfen50 on September 17, 2023
Goosebumps HorrorTown
The "Shop Til You Drop... Dead" event was designed by a fan of the game, a YouTuber named Grimokan. Additionally, the design for the NPC Jack-O is based on his avatar.
Mario Tennis
Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Color is the only Mario multiplayer game where Mario is unlockable.
Also Appears On: Mario (Franchise)
Crush Crush
Attachment Despite not winning the Vote-a-Fling event at any point, Lotus was added to Crush Crush as a datable girl to commemorate the release of Hush Hush: Only Your Love Can Save Them, where she appears as a major character. While Lotus' bundle normally costs $2, it can be acquired for free if you have save data for Hush Hush.
Contributed by chocolatejr9 on September 6, 2023
Link detailing Lotus' role in Hush Hush:

The image provided is a promo for Lotus' bundle, confirming you can get her for free if you own Hush Hush.
FNaF World
Attachment A few enemies from FNaF World: Halloween Edition were added to FNaF World, most notably the Purple Geist.
Contributed by Violett on September 5, 2023
Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery
According to Kane Carter, characters from titles released as part of The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative (such as Candy the Cat from Five Nights at Candy's and Popgoes the Weasel from POPGOES Evergreen) were eligible for inclusion in the game, as a manager from Illumix mentioned in a livestream that they were considered part of Scott Cawthon's official roster. However, due to a large lack of recent updates, the chances of these characters being added to the game are highly unlikely.
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Attachment The inclusion of Hugh Neutron in the game as DLC, particularly instead of his son and series main protagonist Jimmy Neutron, was a response to an ironic internet campaign to get the character in the game known as "Hugh Nation", led by Hugh voice actor Mark DeCarlo and YouTubers The Superverse and Uncle Al, following Hugh trending on Twitter due to memes related to the game's reveal. When Hugh performs his strafe taunt in the game, he can say the voice lines "Hello internet!", "Thank you internet!" and "Hugh Nation!", referencing this push. The showcase for Hugh's moveset, which was aired at EVO 2022, mentions Hugh being included as a "thank you" to the devoted NASB community.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
In the Blood and Wine expansion, there is a hidden achievement you can earn if you kill a frozen opponent with a crossbow bolt. The enemy can be frozen in two ways, by either using a Northern Wind bomb, or using the Piercing Cold to give a 25% chance of freezing opponents when Aard is cast. Beat down the enemy until they are low on health and then throw a bomb at them or try and freeze them with the Aard sign (keep in mind there is a chance they will die when doing this). Once they are frozen, finish them off with the crossbow. Alternatively, this achievement can be more easily earned on wild animals that can be killed with a single bolt. After the enemy is killed, Geralt will say "Hasta la Vista", and the achievement will be revealed, also named "Hasta la Vista™" but with a trademark symbol. This is a reference to a scene from the 1991 film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" where the Terminator says "Hasta la Vista, Baby" before shooting the frozen T-1000.
Dead or Alive 2
Inserting the CD-ROM of the Dreamcast version into a PC reveals a readable segment with a folder called "BONUS" containing various pictures of the female cast.

The galleries are different between regions. The Japanese gallery features Ayane and Kasumi wearing a kimono while the other three galleries feature pin-ups of Helena, Leifang, and Tina (the latter wearing cat ears). In the European version all the pictures are pin-ups with only sharing the Helena picture (albeit with a different background). The American gallery is pretty similar to the European one but with three extra pictures.
Super Mario Kart
Attachment The game has a secret CPU ghost mode which can be accessed under the Time Trial menu by pressing Start on a controller in port 2 while selecting a driver. This triggers a CPU cursor to appear, allowing the player to select a ghost driver to compete against. However, the CPU ghosts are capable of interacting with elements of a track's mechanics, like the ice blocks found in Vanilla Dome.

If the player allows the CPU to destroy these blocks, then drives over where the blocks were, then saves and race against their own ghost, a glitch will occur where the ghost will vanish when it touches the block that was supposed to have been destroyed and trigger a visual error where the player's tires will cycle between two frames of animation even while in an idle position. This glitch only occurs when the player and the ghost use the same driver.
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
In Hyrule Town, three travelers in the lobby of the Happy Hearth Inn, named Din, Nayru, and Farore, are the same characters as the Oracles from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons. They are each looking for new homes to move into, which is the basis of an optional side quest that can be started after completing the Fortress of Winds. Gorman will now be renting out a house to tenants, and Link can convince one of the travelers to move in and obtain a Charm from that traveler. Afterwards, if Link fuses Kinstones with Bremor, Mutoh will become motivated to build a second house for Gorman to rent out. Link can then convince one of the remaining two travelers to move in, and will obtain their respective Charm. Each of the two houses built have a red roof and a blue roof, reflecting the color schemes of Din and Nayru respectively. However no third house can be built in the game, leaving the third Oracle homeless and stuck in the inn's lobby. In the European version of the game, Gorman makes a comment about wanting to build a house just south of the Royal Hyrule Library, on a plot of land occupied by cats, but he never does. This comment was removed from the North American release of the game which came out two months later.

Although the choice of who will remain homeless is entirely up to the player, the most probable canonical traveler to remain homeless is Farore. This is based on the lack of a green-roofed house to reflect her color scheme, her figurine description noting that she is bothered by people who "take advantage of her kind nature" (unlike Din and Nayru's descriptions which only point out where they are from and are looking for a new home), and by the development history of Oracle of Ages and Seasons, which was originally planned to be three games with each focusing on a different piece of the Triforce represented by a different Oracle, although only two games centering on Din and Nayru would ultimately be developed.

It's unknown if this incomplete side quest was an oversight, or if it was an intentional in-joke by Capcom, who developed both The Minish Cap and Oracle of Ages and Seasons.
Metroid Prime
Attachment The North American physical release of Metroid Prime: Remastered has reversible cover art. In the same way that the North American release's cover art was remade, the reversible cover art features a remake of the artwork used for the Japanese release of the original game. Likewise, the Japanese physical release contains reversible cover art featuring the North American remade art.
Jak II
Attachment In the North American release, the cover art is reversible, with the back side featuring a map of Haven City. The front of the game's manual points this map out as a tip to players, but it should be noted that the Greatest Hits re-release of the game did not include this map, with the manual not being updated to reflect this change.
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Pikmin Bloom
Players can obtain a Blue Pikmin wearing a Mario Hat Decor on its head if they sign in to the game with their My Nintendo account.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Attachment The game's first PlayStation release came bundled with a bonus disc containing "Making of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete", a 30 minute documentary on the development and localization of the game. At any time the documentary is playing, pressing Up/Down/Left/Right/Triangle/Start will trigger a secret minigame produced by Timon Marmex Trzepacz from the game's North American publisher Working Designs. The game, titled "Lords of Lunar: Silver Star Story", is a clone of the 1980 Atari arcade game Warlords that can be played with up to 8 players through two PlayStation Multitaps.
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Attachment In the 40th Anniversary Edition update, in the Diamond DA62, if you flip the ELT located in the bottom-right part of the dashboard to "On", the pilot seat's screen will start its own Microsoft Flight Simulator, allowing you to play the first four main installments in the series.
Cool Spot
Attachment In the game's manual, a promotional campaign was advertised where players could win a "Cool Prize" if they beat the game under certain circumstances. If you beat the game on any difficulty under Hard, use any of the six "UNCOLA" letters as a free continue, or fail to collect any of the letters at all, you will be greeted with a screen featuring a pair of Spots crying because you did not meet the requirements to win the contest. However, if you beat the game on Hard and have all six "UNCOLA" letters, then you will instead be greeted with a screen of a Spot holding a camera instructing the player to take a picture of the screen and mail it to the address in the game's manual, the headquarters of Virgin Games. This contest ended on December 31, 1993, roughly 8 months after the original Genesis version was released, and not even 4 months after the SNES version was released. According to a TV Tropes entry, the prize was allegedly a cheap plastic Spot toy, although there has been no official confirmation on what prizes were awarded to winners, if any.

One known "winner" of the contest years after the fact was YouTuber Jirard Khalil "The Completionist", who reviewed the game and instead of sending his screen to the now-defunct Virgin Games, he decided to tweet it out to 7 Up's official Twitter account in 2014. This caught their attention for being "crazy, old school and incredible", resulting in them direct-messaging him and asking for his address to send him a prize. The following week, a bizarre PR stunt took place where two "7 Up Women" arrived at The Completionist's offices, bringing with them a pallet of assorted 7 Up, Diet 7 Up, Cherry 7 Up, Sunkist and Snapple drinks, as well as free sunglasses and loudspeakers. Khalil described the event: "They had no idea why they were there, I didn't know why they were there, it was an overall weird experience to say the least."
Ridge Racer
In the PlayStation version, at the beginning of any course, if you drive a short distance from the starting line, turn around and drive into the wall behind the starting line at speeds of roughly 60 MPH, a "mirrored" version of the track can be played, where left turns become right turns and vice versa, and the surroundings switch sides of the road.
Ridge Racer
In the PlayStation version, after unlocking the extra reversed tracks, a new opponent can be raced in Time Trial mode, the 13th Racing, the fastest car in the game. Upon beating the car in Time Trial mode, it is unlocked as an additional car.
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