Alien Resurrection
Alien Resurrection
Alien Resurrection was the first First-Person Shooter to use the now common two analog stick control scheme, where the left stick moves you up and down and strafes you left and right, while the right stick turns you left and right and aims your gun up and down. However, it wasn't well received by some critics. Steven Garrett from GameSpot gave the game a 4.71/10 calling the control scheme "It's most terrifying element." He went on to say; "Too often, you'll turn to face a foe and find that your weapon is aimed at the floor or ceiling while the alien gleefully hacks away at your midsection."
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Development on the game started as far back as 1996 to help prepare for the then-upcoming movie of the same name. Once it got the green light by Fox Interactive, they sent Argonaut huge boxes of scripts, storyboards and raw material used to make the movie.

The team originally utilized the game engine Gremlin Interactive used to create Loaded. Frustrated that the genre that Loaded used was starting to become outdated, Argonaut then recreated Alien Resurrection into a Tomb Raider-style game.

Technical difficulties also hindered them back, which forced them to turn the game from a second-person shooter to a first-person one.

Alien Resurrection would finally see the light of day on October 20, 2000, nearly five years since development began.
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