There are numerous callbacks to different pieces of Alien media in this game:

•In one of the hangers, a power loader, similar to the one Ridley uses at the end of Aliens Spoiler:to fight the Xenomorph Queen, can be found behind partially closed doors.

•The iconic drinking bird figurine that's seen bobbing it's head on the dinner table of the Nostromo in the original Alien film can be found in the Crew Quarters area of this game.

•The lines "Elevator to Hell" and "Let's Rock!" can be selected to be emblazoned on the player's firearm in reference to two lines said by Aliens film characters Pvt. Hudson and Pvt. Vasquez respectively.

•On a table in one of the levels is a cowboy hat, a homage to Danny McBride's Tennessee Faris character from Alien: Covenant.

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