In Hat Kid's spaceship, waiting 20 minutes will cause the music to go silent, before a loud, inexplicable groaning noise plays in the bedroom.
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Jonas Kaerlev was concerned about bringing the game to kickstarter, because he thought people would associate it with Donkey Kong 64, rather than other titles of the genre.

"It did worry us before we launched the Kickstarter. But we thought if we emphasized enough that we were trying to make something less like Donkey Kong 64 and more like Banjo-Kazooie or Mario 64, we thought it would be much more well-received."

Jonas also stated the lack of collect-a-thon platformers was partially because of Rare's Donkey Kong 64 game.

"I don't want to blame it all on Donkey Kong 64, but it's partially at fault. Donkey Kong 64 did a lot of things wrong, in that it was very tedious to collect everything in order to move on. A lot of people don't want that. They want to be able to breeze through the game if they so desire, but there are also people who want to collect everything, and get stronger and better."
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In the Beta version of the game, there was a milkman NPC that was a Mafia member in a milkman suit. For some reason, the Milkman was not present in the final release of the game.
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In Act 4: Train Rush of Chapter 2: Battle Of The Birds, a T.V references the intro to Kirby's Adventure.
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In Queen Vanessa's Manor, there is an entire third floor that went unused in the final build of the game, along with what appears to be a shadow version of Hat Girl. The reason why the floor was cut was simply because the developers didn't like how it turned out. It is still in the game, but it cannot be accessed through normal play.
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In the Beta Build of the game, YouTube personality Jon Jafari (aka Jontron) voiced one of the penguins in Mafia Town. In the final game, his role was changed to an owl who works behind a desk at Dead Bird Studios.
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Jon Jafari aka JonTron, who voices the Jazzy Penguin, was originally asked to voice a different character. The developers thought his voice didn't match the proposed character, and instead made him the voice of the Jazzy Penguins.
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