Another Code: Recollection
Another Code: Recollection
January 19, 2024
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Attachment The origami cranes scattered across the games feature a jumbled QR Code pattern that when put together links to the Japanese microsites for Another Code and Another Code: R.
person Adrot calendar_month March 5, 2024
Origami cranes in the games:

Tweet detailing the discovery:

Another Code microsite:

Another Code: R microsite:

- Look up the file "ditem_PaperCrane" inside Textures2D of the game's data.
- Stitch the texture together into one complete QR Code if necessary.
- Scan it with any QR Code decoder like the one used in smartphones. Resize if necessary.
- QR Code should display the following:

The code can be recreated by inputting these URLs exactly as they are shown above into the following Japanese QR Code generator:

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