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Samurai Deeper Kyo
While Samurai Deeper Kyo received a formal release in Japan in 2002, it was never actually released in stores on its own in North America, instead being included as a bonus in the source material's complete series DVD box set in 2008. This made the North American version of the game the last officially licensed game released for the Game Boy Advance.
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Star Fox 2
According to programmer Dylan Cuthbert (who reportedly help named the original pilots from the first Star Fox), one of the new pilots in Star Fox 2, Fay, was named after his childhood crush, a girl who lived next door to his grandparents' house. Although Fay, as well as Miyu, were never officially given proper surnames, Cuthbert has stated that in his head, he's always considered their full names to be Fay Sinclair and Miyu Swift respectively.
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Yume Nikki
Within the Underground World (a hidden area in the Dream World only accessible by sleeping in one of five replicas of Madotsuki's bed, randomly chosen each time she falls asleep) is a large corridor full of fire. Normally, this room requires Madotsuki to obtain and equip either the Snow Woman or Umbrella effect, which produces precipitation that puts the fire out and allows her to proceed into the Storage Room. However, if she enters this area as a snowman (by equipping the Hat & Scarf effect and pressing the 1 key in the Snow World) and stands next to the fire, she will slowly melt into a puddle of water; pressing the 1 key while in this state reverts her back to human form, as with the un-melted snowman.

While Madotsuki can also become a snowman in the blizzard generated by the Snow Woman effect, the weather would carry over to the corridor and extinguish the fire immediately upon entering. Consequently, Madotsuki can only access this Easter egg via the blizzard that appears by default in the Snow World.
Beyond Good & Evil 2
In September 2020, it was announced that the game's original director and series creator Michel Ancel would be retiring from the video game industry to focus on working for a wildlife sanctuary, but it was assured that development would continue without him. Later that month, the French newspaper "Libération" reported that several members of his team at Ubisoft Montpellier had accused him of acting abusive and unorganized, resulting in numerous delays and restarts since the game's announcement in 2008. This behavior was allegedly worsened by his simultaneous work on Wild (a big-budget game announced in 2014), preventing him from working on Beyond Good & Evil 2 with its team full-time. Although reports were submitted to company leadership as early as 2017, it was alleged that Ancel's relationship with Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot prevented any major corrections from occurring until June and July 2020, when employees from all over the company came forward with sexual abuse and other misconduct allegations against high-ranking executives. Ubisoft would later comment that Ancel had not been directly involved in the game's development for "some time now" before his departure.

Ancel was interviewed as part of Libération's investigation. He claimed that Guillemot informed him that Ubisoft was investigating him in early August 2020, but claimed he was unaware that numerous team members blamed him for the game's development issues, and believed they were actually caused by long-term stress and burnout. He claimed he resigned on his own accord and that his only regret was not finishing the game sooner. The newspaper claimed that the interview took place on September 18th, the same day that Ancel and Ubisoft's statements about the departure were released. One week later when the articles were published, Ancel denied all of the allegations in an Instagram post, calling the reports "fake news" and accusing the newspaper of publishing them as soon as possible to conflate them with the earlier Ubisoft allegations in June and July, over a month before Ubisoft's investigation into Ancel allegedly began.
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Indigo Park
There is a miniature model of Lloyd the Lion located in the back of the Lloyd's Main Stage Theater area. According to the game's creator UniqueGeese, he couldn't remember why exactly it was there, but theorized that he was simply testing the model and forgot to remove it due to how small it was. He added that he likely won't remove it because "it took forever for people to find it."
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Attachment The Kentrosaurus notably has a unique quirk in that it will panic if placed in the same enclosure with other large herbivores, barring some exceptions like the Stegosaurus. This is in contrast with the Prima guidebook that makes no mention of this behavior and even recommends to house the Kentrosaurus with all other herbivores in the game, which suggests that this was either a glitch or an oversight on the development team's part.
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Kentrosaurus article on JPOG Archive fan site:

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Prima Official Guide (Pages 56-57 in the guidebook):
Space Channel 5: Part 2
Several additional characters were planned to appear in the game, but were scrapped in order to keep the game's plot easier to understand. This includes the presence of a "Space Broadcasting Censorship Bureau", who would interrupt broadcasts that were deemed unsuitable (and whom Pine was originally going to be a member of alongside her backups Sexy 1 and 2, taking issue with Ulala's exposing outfit), a narcissistic reporter from Channel 777 named "Gold Kinpicano", and a different main antagonist tentatively referred to as the "Dark Dancing Demon Lord", whose goal was to invade the entire universe with dance.
Red Dead Revolver
Red Dead Revolver originally began development with Capcom in 2000, when developer Rockstar San Diego was still known as Angel Studios. It started as "SWAT", a game with a four-person split-screen feature that allowed you to control four members of a S.W.A.T. team at once. Reportedly, after Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto watched the 1971 spaghetti western film "Blindman", the project quickly shifted to a western game, with "SWAT" now standing for "Spaghetti Western Action Title" before being renamed to Red Dead Revolver. After Angel Studios was acquired by Take Two Interactive in 2002 and renamed to Rockstar San Diego, they continued working with Capcom on the project until Capcom decided to cancel the game in 2003 due to a perceived lack of progress. Capcom eventually agreed to let Rockstar Games continue working on Red Dead Revolver the same year in exchange for having exclusive publishing rights in Japan.
Kien was originally developed between 2002 and 2004 by AgeOfGames, a group of five Italian developers who had no prior experience making video games, aiming to be the first company in their country to develop a game for the Game Boy Advance. The game's release would end up being cancelled three separate times when multiple publishers picked up the game and then decided that releasing it would be too risky for sales. At the time, the game was completed and sent to gaming publications, with one known review appearing in the American magazine Nintendo Power in 2003. The game remained unreleased for over 20 years, but a prototype ROM of the game did leak online at one point. Game designer Fabio Belsanti would be the only member of the game's original development team to remain at AgeOfGames, who had shifted to developing educational games to stay afloat. Eventually, with the rising popularity in retro games and lowered cost to produce GBA cartridges, AgeOfGames was able to release Kien in 2024 both digitally and on physical cartridges through retro game publisher Incube8 Games. The game's release garnered attention for it possibly having taken the record for the longest delayed video game release in history, surpassing Duke Nukem Forever and Beyond Good & Evil 2 by taking 22 years to release.
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Nights Into Dreams...
The character of NiGHTS was inspired by director Naoto Ohshima's travels across Europe and western Asia. In order to give his design as much universal appeal as possible, various regional styles were incorporated into it, namely Japanese, European, and American. In the context of the game, NiGHTS is part of every person's subconscious, and as such was designed to have an androgynous "dual male/female" appearance, but has been referred to with male pronouns in the same breath by Sonic Team.
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Official Sega Saturn Magazine Issue #11 (Pages 38-41 in the magazine):
Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition
The existence of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition was accidentally leaked ahead of its official announcement by the ESRB website on May 3, 2024.
Crush Crush
In 2023, the game's official Twitter account hosted a poll to decide the name of a character set to be added to a future "Beach Bash" event (the character was tentatively named "Crab-chan" on account of her being "literally a crab turned into a waifu"). The options given were all crab-based puns: "Crabitha" (a portmanteau of "crab" and "Tabitha"), "Shelly" (a reference to how many species of crab have shells), "Pearl" (a nod to how crabs are capable of creating "pearl sacs"), and "Crabigail" (a portmanteau of "crab" and "Abigail"). The name "Shelly" ultimately won, and she was added to the game as part of the Beach Bash Event 2024.
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Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp
Much of the game's development was spent balancing the gameplay between Danganronpa S's various modes. One part of this was by making it so that the different characters and their rarities did not affect the core gameplay too much, as which characters players unlocked was heavily luck-based. According to director Shun Sasaki, balancing wasn't finished until much later in development, on account of it being improved bit by bit with new features implemented. Supposedly, the game's microtransactions were added in order to prevent frustration from players being unable to get their preferred characters.
Prior to its release, Teppen was known as "Project Battle".
UPIXO In Action: Mission in Snowdriftland
UPIXO in Action: Mission in Snowdriftland was created to serve as an Advent calendar with a winter theme. This is why the game was only available for a limited time, as the developers did not see much reason for the game to be playable all year round.
Lion and the King
While the other Code Monkeys games featuring mockbuster films used images from the films themselves for their sliding puzzle and coloring minigames, Lion and the King instead uses unauthorized frames from the 1965 anime adaptation of the manga Kimba the White Lion. Coincidentally, TV and film adaptations in this franchise have also been used in various plagiarism allegations relating to Disney's 1994 film The Lion King, the movie that Lion and the King plagiarizes.
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
The only member of the voice cast of "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" to not reprise their role in the game is Stephen Colbert, who voiced Phil Ken Sebben and Myron Reducto. These roles are respectively replaced by Stephen Stanton and Crispin Freeman.
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Star Fox Zero
subdirectory_arrow_right Star Fox 2 (Game)
By scanning a Fox or Falco amiibo in Star Fox Zero, the Arwings and Walkers will be swapped out with 16-bit era models as seen in Star Fox and Star Fox 2. The old Arwing model's Charge shot does not lock on to targets, which reflects how they did not have a lock-on feature in Star Fox, but only in Star Fox 2 did they have a Charge shot. At the time of Star Fox Zero's release in 2016, Star Fox 2 remained unreleased, with only leaked beta builds being available, including one that allowed you to lock on to enemies with the Charge shot. The game would eventually be completed by Nintendo and released in 2017, but with this lock-on feature removed. Since Nintendo only showed Star Fox 2 to developers actively working on the series, it's believed that PlatinumGames noticed this feature's removal and referenced it in Star Fox Zero over a year before the game's release by making the old Arwings behave accurately to a version of Star Fox 2 that players did not know about.
Risk: Factions
The character Colonel Claus Von Stiffenberg is named in reference to Claus von Stauffenberg, a German army officer most famous for his failed assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944. Similarly, the speech that he gives as the Zombies declare war on the other factions is a reference to "Ich bin ein Berliner" (translated to "I am a Berliner"), a speech given by U.S. President John F. Kennedy during the Cold War, specifically the line "All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!"".
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Introduction in game (timestamp 28:39):

Timeline of Stauffenberg's life (note that source is in German):

Archive of Kennedy's speech:
Poppy Playtime
Chapter 3 of the game was originally intended to release in Winter 2023. However, due in part to several key developers leaving Mob Entertainment over "creative differences", the chapter was delayed into 2024.
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