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Developer: Namco Bandai
Since 1995, Namco Bandai has owned a patent on having a playable minigame during loading screens.
Contributed by Dazz
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
If you steal from the shop keeper, the game will forever brand you as "THIEF" and the shop keeper will kill you upon re-entering for the first time. However, the games's photographer will snap a picture of you in the act, making this a required event if you intend to complete the photo album.
Contributed by Erik
Series: Suikoden
While many characters appear in multiple games within the series, Viki and Jeane are the only 2 characters to appear in all main Suikoden games.
Contributed by Dazz
A character named Cid appears in almost every game in the Final Fantasy series.
Contributed by Dazz
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