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The bankruptcy of THQ is often pinned on the uDraw peripheral for the Wii - this is not completely true, as the Wii version of the uDraw was highly successful. However, the HD versions of the uDraw, released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, were a killing blow to the company (even if not the sole cause of it's bankruptcy), as it was heavily overproduced compared to the size of the audience for casual games on those platforms and an even lower amount of uDraw-supported titles on those platforms relative to the Wii. Supposedly, the HD uDraw was greenlit by THQ's family division, PlayTHQ, without proper permission from the main branch of the company without even knowing what games could or would be made on the hardware.
subdirectory_arrow_right Robot Series (Collection)
Gyromite is perfectly playable, and some may argue better, without using ROB the Robot. You can push the pillars up and down using a second NES controller while the first controller commands Professor Hector as it would in ROB play, making the game either into a faster-paced co-op platformer for two players, or an unconventional two-controller game for one player in a similar manner to Atari's Raiders of the Lost Ark. This technique cannot be performed on Stack-Up.
Platform: Nintendo 64DD
Attachment Nintendo planned to release the 64DD in North America and even manufactured test units with fully translated BIOSes and functional region locking. However, the idea was ultimately dropped due to the add-on's low sales in Japan. Concrete proof of these plans wouldn't become public until 2016, when YouTuber Jason Lindsey (a.k.a. MetalJesusRocks) found a surviving test unit and verified its legitimacy with former Nintendo of America employee Mark DeLoura.
person VinchVolt calendar_month November 22, 2023
Every song in the game has unique patterns playing on the step panels which, like the on-screen video, are synced to the music. Some notable examples include:

• Max428: The current BPM is displayed.
• Robot World: Binary Code runs on the top and bottom of the pads, reading "Robots would tap stars!"
• Xuxa: a duck is shown floating across the playfield.
• Flight of the Bumblebee: bees are shown flying across the panels dodging a flyswatter.
Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy
Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy has unused text pertaining to Game Boy Printer support. It's thought that this feature would have allowed players to print out level passwords.