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In the end credits of the Japanese release, three additional images with captions underneath them are shown during the montage of official artwork. These images appear to be drawings and fan mail sent by young Japanese fans to Capcom that influenced the game's development:

•The first image shown in the credits, submitted by 14-year old Masahiro Onuma from Osaka, reads:

"Kobun Mole
It comes out of the land on the ground, and comes out of anywhere in the cave. You can hit the body with a drill and crush the scattered soil and stones!"

This drawing appears to be the first design for the Servbot Borer that was later simplified for the final game and later modified again in Mega Man Legends 2.

•The second image, submitted by 11-year old Takumi Miyayoshi from the Ishikawa Prefecture, reads:

"Kobun's Bomb
Dummy dolls are passing one after another from right to left. (It's a bomb)"

This drawing may be the first design for the Servbot training minigame in the Gym, where a Servbot has to dodge and catch bombs volleyed at it by two other Servbots and then throw them back at targets behind them.

•The third image, submitted by 10-year old Masashi Kaga from Tokyo, reads:

"Bonne Rocket Bazooka
There is a roller under the trigger, so you can move while doing something!!"

This drawing appears to be the first design for the Bonne Bazooka, a weapon used by the Gustaff that can be developed by Servbot #31 after he obtains his skill and the Pipe from the Nakkai Ruins.

The text featured on the fan drawings themselves have been left untranslated in this submission as the pictures were scaled down to fit in the credits and thus appear smaller, grainier and more difficult to read.

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