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WWF In Your House
Behind-the-scenes pictures from the game's development show that former wrestler Jeff Jarrett did green screen capture work for appearing in the game as a playable character. However, due to his departure from the WWF (now known as the WWE) in 1995 regarding a contractual dispute before the game's release, he was subsequently removed from the roster.
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Glass Rose
Masahiro Matsuoka, a Japanese actor and drummer for the band Tokio, lent his likeness for the main protagonist Takashi Kagetani, as well as doing the motion capture and voice acting for the character.
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In an interview with Polygon, the series lead Director, Katsuhiro Harada, confirmed that King's motion capture was performed by Japanese pro-wrestling star and MMA pioneer, Minoru Suzuki. The wrestling star made King's fighting style with a mix of Mexican lucha libre and Japanese puroresu. Harada also said that Suzuki also invented original moves for King and Michelle (as well as Julia in future games). Harada also says that Suzuki also offered to choke him out, to which he said "Yeah, of course dude, I want you to choke me out" and that "it felt like taking a refreshing nap."

King's backstory was inspired by Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, a catholic priest who moonlit as the masked wrestler Fray Tormenta to raise funds for his orphanage, while the character's jaguar mask design was inspired by Tiger Mask, a recurring masked persona first portrayed in real-life by mixed martial artist Satoru Sayama, and a character licensed out to Japanese professional wrestling companies from the 1968 manga of the same name by Ikki Kajiwara.
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Polygon video about Katsuhiro Harada interview snippet:

Kotaku article featuring Tiger Mask:

"Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story" by Eddie Guerrero (page 91):
The Last of Us Part II
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Here’s why Abby uses a golf club in ‘The Last of Us Part II’:

The Last Of Us 2: Abby & Joel's Golf Club Scene Inspired By Real Story:

TLOU2 Abby Voice Actress Breaks Down Divisive Role:

A spoiler-heavy interview with The Last of Us Part 2 director Neil Druckmann:

Director For The Last Of Us Part 2 Says Abby Using A Golf Club Was Inspired By A Real-Life Accident:

Inside The Last of Us Part II's devastating plot twist: ‘People were stuck on how violent it is’:
Sneak King
Sneak King's early motion capture test animations were considered unsatisfactory by Burger King. It was eventually figured out that the actor could successfully mimic the King from the commercials by wearing the authentic head used in commercials and being weighed down by it. The developers of Sneak King played with the head when it first arrived, imitating the sneaking actions from the game, not realizing that it was the only Burger King head ever made, and though no damage was made to the head, they were still scolded for using it as a toy.