Star Fox Adventures
September 22, 2002
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Phil Tossell, the lead software engineer for Star Fox Adventures, had mentioned that Dinosaur Planet had begun development before The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had released, and thus the development team didn't start taking inspiration from it until afterwards. He also talked about how understaffed the development team was in comparison to most Zelda games, specifically mentioning how they initially had only five programmers, only adding in more later on. This resulted in the team facing many technical and design problems during the development of Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventures:

"When we first began Dinosaur Planet, Zelda wasn't out yet, so the game had a slightly different feel, but when Zelda came out, I think the designers were really inspired and amazed by it, and to a large extent, we emulated a number of features. The problem was we were making Star Fox Adventures with a tiny team in comparison to Zelda; for most of the development, we only had five programmers, only adding more much later on. I don't think anyone would even attempt such a large game with such a small team nowadays.

Star Fox Adventures was one of the first games to utilise a fully streaming world on a console that had a relatively small amount of memory, squeezing everything in and making what I still think is one of the most beautiful-looking GameCube games was a real challenge. When we first conceived the idea of a 'no-loading' world, it was on the N64 which of course had cartridges, making instant loading much more straightforward. However, by the time we moved to GameCube we were faced with our first experience of a disc-based medium, which added complications. In addition, with the move to Star Fox branding, we had space levels which we had never envisaged in the beginning."

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