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September 22, 2002
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Early footage of Dinosaur Planet shows that Sabre and Krystal were to utilize the Projectile spell by firing it directly from their hands. It seems this was already scrapped by the time of the December 2000 build that was leaked on the internet in early 2021, as Sabre (or Fox McCloud, who has already replaced Sabre at this point) and Krystal instead fire projectiles through their sword and staff respectively. This would carry over into Star Fox Adventures, where Fox can fire magic projectiles through Krystal's staff.

One holdover from this early idea that remains in both the December 2000 build of Dinosaur Planet and the final Star Fox Adventures is within the prologue, where Krystal, riding on top of a CloudRunner, is inexplicably shown to be able to fire blasts of magic from her own hands in the battle against General Scales' galleon.

Unused models of both Sabre and Krystal's arms can be found within the files of the leaked Dinosaur Planet ROM.
person Dinoman96 calendar_month November 24, 2023
Dinosaur Planet - One Hour of Dinosaur Planet Gameplay Including the First 18 Minutes:

Dinosaur Planet - December 2000 build, where Sabre/Fox and Krystal use their weapons to fire projectiles instead of their hands:

Star Fox Adventures - Opening and first boss fight:

Star Fox Adventures - Fox firing projectiles through Krystal's staff:

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