The Japanese version states that the game takes place in the year 1999 on an altered earth that is stuck in a mythological medieval fantasy state. The western translation however, states that the game takes place in 13XX.
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When the game was brought to the west, many characters had their names changed:

• Mukuro was renamed Kenji.
• Tabasa was renamed Tessa.
• Tao was renamed Mai-Ling.
• Secmeto was renamed Ravange.
• Nool was renamed Hydron.
• Laun was renamed Lavia.
• Jihad was renamed Blade, most likely to avoid religious controversy.
• Valdoll was renamed Scion.
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In Japan the game was released under the name Warzard.
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When Leo defeats any opponents, he strikes a victory pose that resembles Conan's from the 1982 film, "Conan the Barbarian".
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