In a 1999 interview featured in the Giga Wing OST's liner notes, the game's planner Ikuo Satou stated that in his team's early planning documents, Giga Wing was a "surprisingly orthodox" shooter game, but the game's developers at Takumi Corporation had a habit of always wanting to do something different:

"Thus with [Capcom and the] development team at Takumi, every meeting became a search for new things to improve.

“We should focus on the 1P experience, right?!”
“I know, let’s have the character profiles cut in every time you use a bomb!”

And so on and so forth. In the eruption of ideas and opinions from these meetings, the revisions piled up. By and by the gameplay system was transformed, until before we knew it, the score had 16 digits, the enemy bullets could be reflected, characters were created, and a whole story was added to boot."
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