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The game has received criticism for the poor quality of its English dub and some questionable voiceover lines, leading to accusations that the game was made using AI manipulation. The English voice actor for Kawaki, Michael Schwalbe, reacted negatively to select clips of his voice that were chosen for the game, but did not directly accuse the developers of using AI. He stated that since the game's voice cast was unionized, generative AI could not be used in the game while "unknown to the talent involved" without violating union agreements. Bandai Namco Entertainment later issued a statement confirming that the lines in question were not AI generated, but the result of inconsistent issues during the editing and mastering process.
person ProtoSnake calendar_month December 17, 2023
New Naruto fighting game receives backlash for questionable redub, raising eyebrows over potential AI voiceover: "I can guarantee I did not say that line that way":

Naruto game accused of using AI voice-over is just sloppy editing, admits Bandai:

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