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Kirby's Adventure
The graphics of an unused ability are stored in the game in which Kirby appears to be mini, similar to an ability featured in a much later title, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.
Contributed by Dazz
Harvest Moon DS Cute
The Japanese version of the game contains a "Best Friends" system, which effectively functions as a same-sex marriage. To avoid controversy, this was dropped from the North American version.
Contributed by Devicho
Harvest Moon DS
Due to a glitch preventing North American copies of the game from recording the amount of animals that die on the player's farm, the Witch Princess is not marriageable as intended, as in order to see her first heart event you must have at least 50 animals die.
Contributed by Devicho
There's an unused sprite in the game's data of what appears to be Mario, though the sprite's palette is more in line with that of his original outfit of red dungarees with a blue shirt.
Contributed by Dazz
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