In the prototype version of this game, a 3D model of the Titus fox was used as opposed to a 2D one seen in the final release.
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Players can skip a level at any time. At the main menu, press Up-C, Down-C, Left-C, Right-C. Then, during gameplay, press Up-C, Down-C to skip the current level.
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PlayStation and Game Boy counterparts of the game were planned but later canceled. The PlayStation version was being developed by BlueSky Software and featured completely different gameplay, without the rings and more akin to Tomb Raider. It was canceled possibly due to Titus' license expiring (though another trailer suggests it was to be published by Interplay).
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The bad decisions made during the game's development were mostly the fault of DC Comics and Warner Bros. They wanted Superman to fight people in a virtual world so he was not beating up "real people". They caused the game to be delayed 6 months and, in the end, caused the developers to not meet "even 10% of what [they] intended to do".
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