Shady Lewd Kart
Shady Lewd Kart
March 3, 2020
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subdirectory_arrow_right Wild Woody (Game)
On April 1st, 2024, Shady Lewd Kart added Wild Woody from the game of the same name as a free DLC character. Notably, it was revealed in a comment on the DLC's announcement trailer that Sega did not actually own the rights to the Wild Woody IP, instead being owned by the original creators. This was further emphasized on the DLC's Steam page, which includes a disclaimer that Shady Corner Games was in no way associated with Sega, and that they were given permission to add Wild Woody to the game by the creators of the IP. Wild Woody's original voice actor Joseph Kerska also reprised his role for the appearance and a story campaign, and that despite the date it was released, the DLC was not considered an April Fools joke.
person chocolatejr9 calendar_month April 2, 2024
subdirectory_arrow_right Winged Cloud (Company)
The ShovelWare ShovelPit Battle Arena is a blatant jab at Winged Cloud, a company notorious for making quick and lazy shovelware titles that use fanservice to sell. The announcement of the arena even described the games littered about as "made by people with their heads in the clouds".

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