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The English version of Seaman features over 20 hours of dialogue, mostly comprised of Seaman's insults, questions and musings on various topics.
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subdirectory_arrow_right Shenmue (Game), Skies of Arcadia (Game), Dreamcast (Platform)
While playing a Dreamcast disc on a device that reads CD files usually produces a warning message, Seaman, Shenmue, and Skies of Arcadia each have unique warning messages on each disc, all provided by the game's voice cast. On Seaman's disc, the voice actor for the Seamen will jokingly warn the player that attempting to play track one will infect their household appliances with viral diseases, and the Skies of Arcadia cast informs the player that they can't save the world while stuck in a CD player. All three Shenmue messages feature different characters from the game warning the player that attempting to play track one (which contains game data) would produce harmful results.
Attachment Seaman's face is actually that of the game's producer and creator, Yoot Saito. Saito also acts as Seaman's Japanese voice actor. During development, Sega had requested that a celebrity be used if possible to voice Seaman, but Saito was hesitant. He later said in a 2020 interview that the fact that he played the role himself was "the key to success", because it gave him the advantage of being able to rerecord lines as many times as he wanted, so it was no longer a question of money.
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Attachment A PC version of the game was in development titled Seaman for Windows Ver. 1.0, and unlike the Dreamcast version which was a game, it would've been more of a communication tool and a pet for your desktop. The program would automatically run when turning on your PC and speak to you in the background. Seaman would also interact with your email, chat features, and other PC tasks. The game was, however, never released.

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