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The Bearded Amprat is the only enemy in the series to have a visible anus.
Contributed by MehDeletingLater
If the player has a group containing 20 of each Pikmin type they will sing the theme song for the game.
When Pikmin 3 was localized in Europe, the enemies Yellow Wollywogs and Wogpoles had their names changed to Yellow Wollyhops and Wolpoles. This was done because "Wog" is derogatory British slang for a dark-skinned person.
Contributed by Ophl
In the Japanese version of Pikmin 3, the Scaly Custard (avocado) is literally translated as "Crocodile Scrotum" (ワニノフグリ).
Contributed by cyanide97
During development of Pikmin 3, a screenshot was shown of Brittany wearing a yellow suit instead of the pink suit she wears in the final release.
Contributed by TympoleLover
Even though the naming nomenclature fits in with NASA's methods of identifying unimportant planets, the Pikmin planet "PNF-404" is potentially also a pun; "404" is a HTML status code for "Page Not Found", or "PNF".
Contributed by Smurfman256
Nintendo experimented with the possibility of putting Pikmin 3 on a handheld system like the DS and 3DS, but the gameplay boiled down to micro-management on the touch screen and didn't feel like a Pikmin game.
Contributed by DidYouKnowGaming
When the game's characters were just starting to be released, there were to be 4 playable characters, A (Which became Alph), B (Which became Brittany), C (Which became Charlie), and D. Nobody currently knows what happened to character D, but it's speculated that because the crew's ship is named the Drake, many aspects of Character D were given to the ship.
Contributed by Kodyurem
The planet where Alph, Britanny, and Charlie come from is called "Koppai." This is a reference to Nintendo's origins, as the company was founded in 1889 as "Nintendo Koppai".
Contributed by Apacado