Using up more than 8 credits will set the bad ending for the game. While the original Japanese release displays a credits counter on the Continue screen, this is omitted from the North American release. However, the game has a subtle visual indicator on the Continue screen showing which ending you earned. The photograph in the good ending features Kyle and Erin smiling normally; the bad ending alters Erin's face slightly, giving her fangs and a minorly distorted brow to show Kyle has failed and she has become a vampire.

This also affects the Game Over screen when choosing "No" to end that run of the game. When at 8 or less credits, a cutscene will play showing Nosferatu biting into Erin before showing the Game Over screen. When you have more than 8 credits, no cutscene will play as Erin has already become a vampire in the photo, and will cut straight to the Game Over screen. Some time after the game's initial release, cartridges of the game were produced and released in both Japan and North America with the Nosferatu bite scene censored by fading to a white screen just before he bites her and then displaying the Game Over screen.

Japanese Game Over screen uncensored

Good ending & Japanese Game Over screen censored

Bad ending & American Game Over screen
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