Ogre Battle: The March of The Black Queen
Ogre Battle: The March of The Black Queen
Many cities in the game are references to some of Brazil's states:
• Acre
• Para (Pará)
• Goyas (Goiás)
• Matt'gro (Mato Grosso)
• Lolaimia (Roraima)
• Melanion (Maranhão)
• Rhodnia (Rondônia)
• Alagoyas (Alagoas)
• Celjipp (Sergipe)

The American release changed Celjipp's name to Vyer, but an NPC still mentions the original name due to a localization error.
Contributed by Gors
Yasumi Matsuno was driven to make Ogre Battle: The March of The Black Queen, as he wanted to create a game that dealt with war and its effects in a realistic way by the 1990s civil war in Yugoslavia, which lasted for four years and introduced the term "ethnic cleansing" to the world.
Contributed by CosmykTheDolfyn
This game was created by Yasumi Matsuno, who has paid homage to the rock band Queen in several of his works. The game's name itself is a homage to the band, as it is the name of two songs from the album Queen II; "Ogre Battle" and "The March of The Black Queen". Also, one of the games levels is named The Rhyan Sea. This is a possible reference to the Queen song "The Seven Seas of Rhye", from the same album.
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