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On June 9, 2022, a fan animation was uploaded to YouTube by FlippinDingDong, depicting a tape recording of a fictional 1990s Saturday morning cartoon series based on the Gex franchise that aired on Toon Disney. The video reuses Gex's one-liners and music from the original games. The animation went viral and FlippinDingDong would later be commissioned by Square Enix to animate the reveal trailer for Gex Trilogy.
person NintendOtaku calendar_month October 12, 2023
Attachment On July 14, 2023 Limited Run Games, the publishers of Gex Trilogy, posted a meme to their official Twitter account to promote Gex Trilogy. The meme shows a picture of a man staring into a mirror with Gex shown in his reflection with the caption "visualizing in the mirror the man I want to become:" The template existed as a popular meme before Limited Run Games posted the image.

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