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Just as the main bosses of the game represent the Seven Deadly Sins, major locations of the game have a symbolic or ironic connection with the demon that is plaguing them.

Diligence and Industen (Industrious) were once the hardest of workers, but then became so weak that they even lost the will to live.

The queen of Devote, instead of devoting herself to others, was so incredibly jealous of all other beautiful things that she sank her kingdom under the sea.

Temponia and Modero (Temperance and Moderation) once had extravagant amounts of food, but then starved.

The former friendly nations of Favorian and Justania (Favor and Justice) were engaged in a bloody war brought on by the demon Fury. The demon filled the Justanian king's heart with wrath.

The king of Lovaous (Love) was plagued by the demon Deception in his dreams, which filled his mind with thoughts of lust.

The king of Stormrook, overcome by greed, takes all of his citizens' money and sends them to a prison called Gratis, which means "for free", a play on words both for greed and for a prison.

Humbleton (Humble), a highly civilized, technologically advanced nation with no faith in the master, enacted a plan to build a tower (Tower of Souls/Babel) to reach the heavens and become Masters themselves.
Throughout the game, the Master must fight six lesser demons to gain access to six greater demons under Tanzra's direct command, after all of which the Master must fight a machine constructed by the humans, and then Tanzra himself. The six pairs and the human machine all represent the Seven Sins, and Tanzra represents Satan, specifically as he is portrayed in Dante's Inferno.

-Gluttony is a crop-devouring ant demon.
-Envy is the vengeful wraith of a queen whose jealousy consumed her.
-Greed is a demon that transformed a once generous king into a golden, jewelry-clad dragon.
-Lust tainted a king with the image of a beautiful woman and then trapped his mind in its womb-like belly.
-Wrath is represented as a giant made of fire who must be battled inside an erupting volcano.
-Sloth is a giant snail whose tampering with the waters and rain have weakened the surrounding villages.
-Pride is the machine constructed by the humans as a false idol and a mockery of the Master.
-The final boss Tanzra is a representation of Satan in Dante's Inferno, a giant, three-headed beast trapped from the waist down in a frozen lake.
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