The DOS version of Zoop has unused text from a scrapped online multiplayer mode.
Attachment Print adverts for Zoop give the pieces in the game their own names:

• The olive-shaped green piece is called "Ganggreenus"
• The martini-glass-shaped purple piece is called "Martinicocki"
• The boomerang-shaped blue piece is called "Infectococci"
• The baby's-dummy-shaped orange piece is called "Lockjawbacilli"
• The yellow splat-shaped piece, used as a power-up in the game, is called "Fungusamungus"
• A spiral-shaped piece, not present in the game but resembling the spring power-ups, is called "Mosquitick"

It should be noted that the splat and spring pieces are given different names in the game's manual: "Color Bomb" and "Bonus Spring" respectively.

The patterned square pieces from the Game Boy version of the game do not have names.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 5, 2023
The Jaguar version of Zoop was intended to have "snazzier" graphic effects, but these had to be rejected due to Sony wanting the PlayStation version to be the best rendition of the game.

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