WarioWare: Move It!
WarioWare: Move It!
November 3, 2023
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Mario's voice lines in the Super Mario 64 DS boss microgame were re-recorded by his new voice actor Kevin Afghani instead of using archival clips by Charles Martinet from the source material.
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In the cutscenes for Kat & Ana's stage in WarioWare: Move It!, Cractus from Wario Land 4 appears. This is the first time a Wario Land character has appeared in the cutscenes of a WarioWare game.

In the Japanese version of Move It!, Cractus has a slightly different name from the Cractus that appeared in Wario Land 4.

The latter game's Cractus was called フラワナ, or Furawana, a pun on "flower" and「罠」(wana, trap). The former that appears in Move It! however is called フラワニ, or Furawani, a pun on "flower" and「鰐」(wani, crocodile). This name change could mean the character was renamed, or the Cractus in Move It! is meant to represent a different individual from the same species.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 17, 2023
Cractus in Move It:

Move It's English character scroll, confirming that Cractus is in the game:

Move It's Japanese character scroll:

Wario Land 4 Japanese version Cractus boss fight:
Attachment At the end of Young Cricket's stage in WarioWare Move It!, the muscular penguin is revealed to be a costume worn by the girl from the Kung Fu Ball minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever, which also features a Young Cricket-like character who was previously hinted to be one and the same in marketing materials for WarioWare Gold. Her name is revealed to be Cicada in the credits of the game, supplementing Cricket's also insect-themed name.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month November 2, 2023
Young Cricket's ending:

Young Cricket character trailer with Kung Fu Ball girl:

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Kung Fu Ball:

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