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Tatsuo Iwanoto, the character designer of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, has said Dahlia Hawthorne was one of the more challenging characters for him to design, because the instructions he was given by the developers contained a lot of contradicting character elements, specifically saying:

"She was a heroine, but she was the ultimate villain... she wore both western clothing, but also traditional Japanese clothing. And there had to be something about her that Wright would fall in love with too. I had ideas for designs that would, individually, fulfill all those requirements, but synthesizing them all together into one unified design was very hard. To help concentrate, I had Capcom set up a dedicated design room for me, a place where I could hole up and do nothing but design. I'm still immature in that sense, in that I don't have a great workflow or workspace for creating characters."

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