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As of the current updated version of the game, a walkway overlooking a pier found in the southwest portion of the Financial District region contains a spot that does not have collision detection. This spot makes players fall under the world's map where they can unofficially travel under New York City. By carefully traveling northward towards Greenwich, players will come across leftover assets for an underground structure with pipes that can be web swing towards. Entering this structure and climbing up will reveal a Spoiler: leftover unused Kraven trophy room featuring a throne and the mounted heads of Rhino, Vulture, Electro, & Shocker. This Spoiler:trophy room probably would have coincided with the game's story that Spoiler: Kraven The Hunter kills Scorpion on screen, while Vulture, Electro, & Shocker are killed off screen.
person Yoshispacedragon calendar_month October 31, 2023

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