Attachment Sly Cooper's cane can be bought on the Playstation Store as an alternate skin for Cole's Amp.
Attachment On the first island, there are a set of theaters whose movie marquee have movie titles that parody real games. These movies are:

• Assassin's Need (Love Too) - Assassin's Creed
• Hey, Low Reach - Halo: Reach
• No Need For Speed - Need For Speed
• Epic Hickey - Epic Mickey
• Little Big Unit - Little Big Planet
• Latch It and Skank - Ratchet & Clank
• Sly! - Sly Cooper
• Uncharted Love - Uncharted
• Call Of Booty - Call of Duty
• Solid Serpent The Man, The Movie - Metal • Gear Solid (Solid Snake)

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