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According to Yuichiro Hiraki, the aerial combat and juggling combos were inspired by launching attacks performed in Virtua Fighter and Tekken.

"I specialize in fighting games, and I've always personally been a fan of "Virtua Fighter" [hereinafter referred to as "VF"). But the "VF" game that came out around that time just didn't sell well at all. I guess people weren't impressed? But I thought the fighting moves were amazing! I was really into it. The only problem is that I had no one to play against, because the only way to play was with two people using an Astro City cabinet. (laughs)

In "VF", ordinary moves couldn't be canceled into special moves. so juggling launchers were the best option for combos. So when it comes to combos in polygon-based games. I think the best way to do it is with those same launchers. I brought that line of thinking to "DMC"."

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