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Hiroshi Matsuyama was interviewed by "SuperSoluce" at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2012 and was asked why he didn't chose motion capture for the game's animations, but instead chose to animate by hand. He commented:

"We appreciate motion capture technology, but it does not always reproduce what we want. This is the same for Naruto: when you utilize animated sequences that require a superhuman flexibility, you can not use motion capture. For Asura's Wrath we have sought people who had six arms, but have not had any success. You understand that we had to find something else to transcribe most of these animations."
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There are several Easter Eggs hidden in many of the Interlude chapters which can be revealed using the scroll function:
• Bottom right of the first page of Chapter 1 is a PTX-40A from Lost Planet.
• The far right of the first page of Chapter 2 Power Up Icon that has appeared in many ##Capcom## Games.
• The right in the third page of Chapter 4 is Mobi-chan from Side Arms: Hyper Dyne.
• The left of the first page of Chapter 7 is a Power Up Icon on the cereal box.
• The right of the first page of Chapter 10 is Sagat from Street Fighter preforming a Tiger Uppercut on a Doji Soldier.
• Slightly downward of the second page of Chapter 10 is Amaterasu and Issun from Okami.
• To the bottom right of the third page of Chapter 10 is a Cat from Monster Hunter.
• In each page of Chapter 12 along the top and bottom of the screen there is a hidden message: "##CyberConnect2##. Hiroshi Matsuyama. To All Team Members. Regret It To The Death. I do a have high hope for the project's "reanimation." Please remember, that I am the more enthusiastic fan of you all."
• To the bottom right of the first page of Chapter 14 is a Mini-Blanka Figurine.
• The far left of the first page of Chapter 15 are two Demi-Gods preforming a Shoryuken and Street Fighter's Dhalsim's Drill Kick.
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The music for the fight with Augus in episode 11 is Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, "From the New World". It was composed by Antonin Dvorak, while the particular performance used during the battle was conducted by Libor Pisek and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
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