BoKe Travelog
December 31, 2011
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BoKe Travelog was a PC browser game released exclusively in China that ran from 2011 to 2013 before shutting down. The game was very clearly inspired by Poptropica, though notably included a background story for the game's events, unlike Poptropica. Set in an alternate timeline where climate change forced humans to move from land to sea due to rising water levels, it follows a group of people known as "BoKe" as they confront the evil Dr. Hedra, who wishes to take over the world and has begun attacking the various islands left from the climate change to do so. The game also featured various visual similarities to Poptropica, namely with its map layout and the plots of each island, though it did use its own spin on the character designs.

BoKe Travelog had eight islands, each one of which was based on an island seen in Poptropica. The islands were:

• "Potato Island", based on "24 Carrot Island".
• "Octopus Island", based on "Shark Tooth Island".
• "BoKe Island", based on "Early Poptropica Island".
• "Time Tangled Island", based on the island of the same name.
• "Haunted House Island", based on the mini-quest of the same name.
• "Diamond Island", based on "Counterfeit Island".
• "Superman Island", based on "Super Power Island".
• "Battle Island", which had various aspects of Poptropica's multiplayer interactions, such as the Paint war, Hoops, and Pathwise minigames.

Also like Poptropica, a book series based on BoKe Travelog (called "Mystery Island Adventures") was released, featuring stories unrelated to the in-game islands. The game was ultimately shutdown on December 22nd, 2013 according to a news post on the site: while the post does not state why it was shutdown, it emphasized that it was a difficult decision to end the game.

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