Even though Logan is seen wearing the crown in the trailer and pictures, he is never seen with it in game.
Contributed by tigerlily
During the quest "Crime and Punishment", the player can find a cake and a Hobbe worshiping a crate with hearts on the sides. These are both references to the Portal series.
Contributed by davidcon
Many things can be found in the graveyard near Mourningwood. On one of the tombstones is the quote "Your Health Is Low", a quote from the first Fable. Another tombstone features the quote "It's dangerous to go alone, take this." which is a quote from the original Legend of Zelda. Also worth noting, the dog will find a dig spot over the grave, and will find a toy sword. Another tombstone features the quote "Here lies Arnold. He will not be back." which is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Contributed by Benny the Miraj