The limited collector's edition of the game was originally to include a set of Fate Cards, a Hobbe figure and a premium size box. However due to "supply chain issues!", the edition was reduced to just including the game disc, bonus DVD and bonus in-game content, plus $10 off the sale price. To make up for the change, Lionhead Studios offered a free download of the original Fable's soundtrack.
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There is a glitch where the guards can fall into the water and can walk around. This makes them invincible. Exiting and re-entering the region will fix this glitch.
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The Swarthy Revenge Indigo dye is an obvious reference to the character Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. This is supported by the statement in the description, "You have crushed its flowers. Prepare to dye." This is a parody of Inigo Montoya's infamous quote, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
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In addition to the loading screen that references "Your Health is Low," there is a potion shop in Fable 2 that is named "Your Health Is Low." To add to this, sometimes when you encounter a Gargoyle, they will say "Hero! Do you have any potions or food?" which is a sentence said by the guildmaster after saying "Your Health Is Low." Many of Fable's "Your Health Is Low" references are based on the over-all disdain towards being told this every time your health reaches a certain point in the original Fable.
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There is a loading screen which mentions a rumor that the Hero of Oakvale murdered the Guildmaster and carved "your health is low" on his forehead.

This is a little joke, as in Fable he contacts the hero every time his health is low, similar to Navi from Ocarina of Time.
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