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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Playing the song Ballad of the Goddess backwards results in the melody of Zelda's Lullaby being heard. Alternatively, reversing Zelda's Lullaby will yield a simplified version of Ballad of the Goddess.
Contributed by Petie
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Link's Awakening features a large number of cameo appearances from various Nintendo characters.
Contributed by Dazz
Kirby's Adventure
In Vegetable Valley's second level, there is an easter egg room that can be accessed by moving away from the Warp Star until it disappears. The blocks are stacked to form 'HAL', referencing the game developer's name.
Contributed by Gors
Series: Astal
Astal makes a number of cameo appearances throughout the Archie Sonic the Comic series.
In issue #50 he is seen in a fight between the Overlanders versus the Mobians, alongside his bird.
On the cover of issue #51 he is seen in the crowd looking up at the main cast.
On the cover of issue #125 he is seen holding the "5" card.
Contributed by Dazz
Final Fantasy VII
In the Ghost Square section of the Gold Saucer there is a pumpkin with green eyes in the corner of the room to the left of reception at the inn. Interacting with this pumpkin will cause it to laugh. This laugh is in fact a slightly slower version of the iconic laugh of Kefka Palazzo, the villain from Final Fantasy VI.
Contributed by AntCGallagher
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
The London Underground map seen during the London mission of the single player campaign has humorous station names.
Contributed by Dazz
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