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According to a 2009 interview with the game's director Mitsuo Iwao & producer Yoshinori Yamagishi featured in the game's Official Complete Guide, Iwao stated that they did not immediately come up with the game's title "The Last Hope" right away. He questioned if mankind could really survive after the third World War, and wanted to express their thoughts that humanity's last hope may lie somewhere in the universe.

Yamagishi also stated about the game's title:

"As far as titles go, it was clear and easy to understand, which was big. It didn’t use any complicated terminology; it was straightforward, orthodox, using words any layperson could understand. It was a title that could be easily understood by people outside of Japan, too. I guess subtitles are sort of a tri-ace thing. The previous games didn’t use a numbering system either, and the subtitle makes it feel like its own single work."

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