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In the promotional comic "Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break", Dr. Eggman refers to Fang by various different names before coming to his current name of "Fang the Hunter". Each of the names mentioned is a reference to a name Fang was given in the past Sonic titles:

• "Nack the Weasel" was Fang's original name in Western regions, as well as the Sonic comics published by Fleetway and Archie.
• "Jet the Jerboa" is a reference to the name under which Fang was first revealed in Western regions (the article where Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble was first previewed in the Mean Machines Sega article, when it was called "Sonic Chaos 2", with Fang originally being named "Jet the Sniper").
• "Fang the Sniper" was Fang's original name in Japanese regions, and would later be carried over into the West via Sonic the Fighters.

The comic itself provides an in-universe explanation for the numerous name changes: being a wanted criminal, Fang has had to constantly change his name in order to keep the authorities off his toes.
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