Pocket Bike Racer
Pocket Bike Racer
November 19, 2006
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Pocketbike Racer was ghost-developed in part by Stainless Games of Carmageddon fame. Developers from Blitz Games had to help Stainless simplify the engine so it felt less like a simulation and more like a kart racer.
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Attachment The Burger King Xbox trilogy - Sneak King, Big Bumpin', and Pocketbike Racer - has an unusual packaging and disc design, bearing the aesthetic design of the Xbox 360's packaging art, but simply saying "Xbox" due to the game disc containing files for both Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the game. This is exclusive to the Burger King games, with original Xbox games released after the trilogy still having the original Xbox packaging template from 2001. The concept of a unified "Xbox brand" box design shared between all platforms would eventually see wide use with the release of the Xbox Series X|S, which would clarify which only feature the Xbox brand logo and clarify which platforms the disc is compatible with.
person Rocko & Heffer calendar_month October 18, 2023
Sneak King box art:

Box art for Madden NFL 09, the final licensed Xbox release, released multiple years after the Burger King games
subdirectory_arrow_right Sneak King (Game), Big Bumpin' (Game), Burger King (Franchise), Xbox 360 (Platform), Xbox (Platform)
The Burger King Xbox 360 trilogy are the only Xbox 360 titles which were backwards compatible with the original Xbox; a previous console generation. This decision was made due to the original Xbox having a bigger install base than the Xbox 360 at the time, but Microsoft only wanting to promote the 360 and not original Xbox on TV.

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