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This is the first of the two Leisure Suit Larry games(second being Box Office Bust) that had no involvement with series creator Al Lowe. According to Al Lowe, the game was nothing like the original series that he created. He even criticized that it was announced as a 'Leisure Suit Larry' title when Larry Laffer(the main character from the original series) himself wasn't the main character, the mini games that were in it, and the fact it wasn't an 'adventure game' like the other games of the series.

"It is not Larry 8! Even though VU calls it a "Leisure Suit Larry game," Leisure Suit Larry's only role is a cameo as the "help voiceover." It is not an adventure game. There are no real puzzles, no interactive dialog, no narrator, no character development, and nearly no plot. Much of the dialog is uninspired and trite. There's more profanity in the first scene than in all the previous Larry games combined. Women cuss like sailors. The "F" word is repeated so often the writers must have used a macro. The plentiful load screens show cheesy photographs of average-looking college-aged women who don't look sexy, but rather, ill-at-ease!

The protagonist is a loser named Larry who has trouble scoring with women. The game works hard, usually too hard, to reference earlier Larry games. Like Larry Laffer, it seems to desperately want to fit in. The animation is 3D and wonderfully jiggly. (Actually, "pendulous" would be a better word; most of these breasts are too large to jiggle.) There's some humorous dialog. And it's more than bawdy enough.

But… All this ignores the glaring disaster of those damned mini-games! They're distracting, repetitive, and boring. Who wants to play lame arcade games that wouldn't be fun even on a GameBoy? Not even this game's giant breasts are worth this slog. MCL is definitely unlike the other Larry games.

Those who seek 3D boobs, profanity, and fart jokes will be pleased. Those who fondly remember my games will be severely disappointed."

Al later stated the creation of Manga Cum laude felt like witnessing a video of your son's kidnappers.

"Playing Magna Cum Laude was like receiving a video from my son's kidnappers. ''On one hand, you're glad he's still alive but its like 'Oh God, what are they doing to him!'' And it just pained me to watch it happen. You know I put ten years of my life into that guy and he was very good to me."
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A real-life counterpart of the girl Zena Zepplins was to be included for the loading screens similar to the other girls, portrayed by model Ally Lane, however it never was included in the game.

(Note: The image attached is of official images with Ally Lane on the right, which had been edited together by a fan and uploaded to Lane's own official site.)
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The models who appear at the loading screens portraying the real-life versions of the in-game girls were uncredited. It's unknown who most of the models were that portrayed the real-life counterparts, however these are the following that are currently confirmed:
_Girl_ - _Model_
Suzi Camaro - Tina Melone
Tilly Cruickshanks - Christina Kyriakakis
Luba Licious - Karen Lynn
Bilzarbra Smith - Mianda Watts
Zanna Zuzanna - Jamie Quin
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